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Generate a free favicon

Great stuff from They actually created a favicon generator for anyone to use for free! The image above links directly to the favicon generator website. Firstly, browse for any picture present in the computer with the “Browse..” button. After a suitable picture is found, click on “Generate Favicon.ico”. Wait for about 10 seconds and a page will appear where 2 options become available. Straight away download favicon.ico or test it out in the current browser. The file downloaded contains a 32 X 32 favicon.ico of the picture downloaded earlier. Copy the favicon.ico and replace the one in the server. Viola! You got a new favicon.

I’ve decided to include a simple demo on how I did it for my site.



Step 1 : Design the picture
I used Macromedia Fireowrks to create an oval with the an inverted letter R.

Step 2 : Upload the picture

Go to chami, browse for the picture and click “Generate Favicon.ico”

Step 3 : Download the favicon.ico and replace the one in my website’s server directory using FileZilla FTP software.

Result : A brand new feel whenever the address bar is looked at.

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