8 Solid Reasons To Use MyBlogLog


Basically, MyBlogLog is a very useful tool for building relationships online. It gets authors to know their readers more and vice versa. It benefits everyone both ways. Learn more about others’ interests, about their community and thus build networks. The benefits are enormous. Below are the 8 solid reasons why MyBlogLog is brilliant for authors and readers to operate at the same level.


  1. To show appreciation to visitors
  2. Daily, I write around 4 posts in 3 blogs. A health blog, a motivational blog and a technology blog. Each of them are in a category of their own and have different sets of users. With MyBlogLog, I can appreciate my readers, new and returning, by showcasing their presence. This allows each reader a chance of being clicked into and checked out by other visitors. I find this very important and have located the MyBlogLog display as the second widget at the top. As the saying goes, ‘encouraged people achieve the best, dominated people achieve second best, neglected people achieve the least’.

  3. To build a solid community
  4. community

    MyBlogLog empowers authors and readers to run at the same level. Everyone who reads my site can learn about and engage with one another, and in the process take the conversation to a whole new level. Readers can become friends with other people who read my favorite blogs. Readers will see what else they’re reading. If you wanna know someone deeper, you can check out their MySpace and Friendster profiles or even view their Flickr photostreams.

  5. To get writing ideas when hitting writer’s block
  6. There are times when I run out of ideas to write. Everyone experiences writer’s block once in a while. However, there are a million things to write about out there. The solution lies in knowing where to go. That is where my community of MyBlogLog comes in. By checking out other readers’ choice of blogs helps to generate ideas. You know, like for example, I came across 2 blogs writing about 10 or 9 reasons to use MyBlogLog and felt something missing. I didn’t feel ‘the kick’ reading it. So thanks to my readers, I have now filled in the blanks and completed the missing points by producing this brilliant post. =)

  7. To motivate yourself
  8. Every author has low days. Days where you hit rock bottom in terms of spirit and strength. I feel demoted and low when I get less than usual in terms of Adsense. Or when there had not been any prominent reviewing opportunities for the day. However, the picture of the people displayed in MyBlogLog tells me that I have people who read my site. A community waiting for the next interesting post from me. And that itself is motivating. Everytime I visit my own blog, I feel both excited and responsible for myself to get back on track.

  9. To keep track of stats
  10. dash

    I have 3 tracking codes embedded in rangit.com. Google Analytics, OneStat and MyBlogLog. Google Analytics is the best. However, Google Analytics is a bit more complicated than the rest with all the features and reports. Onestat is simple and easy to use. However the reports are not detailed enough for me to analyze and improve. MyBlogLog on the other hand is cool! The lock on displaying yesterday’s data in the free edition is good! It keeps users from being distracted to keep on checking the results. MyBlogLog has 3 of the most useful data displayed in the dashboard. I get to see the full URL of :

    • Where readers came from
    • What readers viewed
    • What readers clicked

  11. To show that you are of the same wave with the author
  12. As a reader of other blogs, I leave a footprint behind when I visit. The footprint in MyBlogLog will show my personality when authors view me out. MyBlogLog will display my blogs and communities for the world to see, so as a reader I get to show my favourites and authors of the community will get a chance to know me. It allows forming of ideas and opinions on me. Imagine a geek meeting a geek. Or a joker meeting another joker. It connects people. Isn’t it cool?

  13. To attract readers with your avatar picture
  14. chinese god

    Yeah. Attract clicks. Put up an interesting picture. It can be anything. I’ve a reader who has the Chinese God of Wealth as his avatar! It would attract a whole load of God of Wealth devotees. Or if you think you are a cool dude or a hot chick, put up your best picture. This will help strengthen your community and increase readership. As the saying goes, ‘a picture paints a thousand words’.

  15. To increase your chances of knowing people who can promote you
  16. Wouldn’t you be surprised if someday someone BIG visited your blog? Like for example, if you see John Chow‘s avatar in your MyBlogLog community wouldn’t you get excited? A BIG person’s presence does make a load of difference. It protrudes a sense quality which helps a lot in convincing readers to stick around. If you wrote something that catches the eye of the BIG visitor, who knows, you might get mentioned about something of high value that you wrote. Then, you’ll have to thank me in the comments. =P

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