Top 24 Linux Games

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Update 2012 : Hey guys! Click here for the newest version of the best linux games! Reviews and gameplays of other cool games have been included in the new list!

Below are addictive 3d games for linux users to fill their time with. These games are really good and some have won awards or have been featured on magazines. Most of it is cross platform and free. You don’t have to use ‘Wine’ to be able to play as they come with Linux installers.

  1. Battle For Wesnoth
  2. David White who started Wesnoth back in 2003, had a vision of a free open source strategy game that had very simple rules, uses a strong artificial intelligence, challenging and fun. Wesnoth has already passed the 1 million mark for downloads. As of March 2007, the game is available in 35 different languages.

    A normal Wesnoth player has

    • 200+ unit types
    • 16 different races
    • 6 major factions

    to choose from. Actually, you can even make your own custom units, design your own map, scenarios or even campaigns. It’s all up to your creativity. The most interesting part of any game is the ability to multiplay. You can challenge up to a total of 8 friends in multiplayer fantasy battles.

  3. Nexuiz
  4. Nexuiz is a free, cross platform, first person shooter distributed under GNU General Public License by Alientrap Software. It started back in May 31 2005 with version 1.0 using DarkPlaces, a significanlty modified quake engine. The current version, 2.2.3, was released on January 26, 2007. Nexuiz’s logo is based on the chinese character “?” (Li) which means strength.

    Several notable features of the game include

    • ability to multiplay up to 64 players
    • ability to generate bots for practice sessions
    • dynamic lighting system similar to Doom 3

  5. America’s Army
  6. America’s Army is a tactical, multiplayer, first-person shooter owned by the United States Government and released as a global public relations initiative to help with U.S. Army recruitment. The first version, Recon, was released on 4th July 2002. The current version 2.8.1 was released on 22nd Mar 2007.

    It’s the first well known computer game used for political aims. The game is used as a playable recruiting tool and critics have charged the game serves as a propaganda device. A counter on the homepage of the PC version shows over eight million registered accounts as of 2007. GameSpy tracked the game usage and reported an average of 4,500 players at any one time between 2002 and 2005. It is enough for America’s Army to rank in the Top 10 Online Games chart.

  7. Tremulous
  8. Tremulous is an open source team-based first-person shooter with a game play that is similar to Gloom(a quake 2 mod) and Natural Selection (a Half-Life mod). The game features two teams, humans and aliens, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The game has been downloaded over 200,000 times and was voted “Player’s Choice Standalone Game of the Year” in Mod Database’s “Mod of the Year” 2006 competition.

  9. Tux Racer
  10. Tux Racer is a newbie friendly, open source, 3D computer game starring the Linux mascot, Tux the penguin. Like many open-source games, the replay value of Tux Racer is extended by easy modification of the game. New maps can be created by making three raster images to indicate height, surface, and object placement. The last release of Tux Racer was version 0.61, 29th October 2001.

  11. World Of Padman
  12. WOP is a new and free comic style game that uses the Quake 3 engine. The game was recently featured in 3 German magazine covers; PC Action, ‘BRAVO Screenfun’ and ‘Linux Intern’.

  13. Vendetta
  14. is a first person twitch based MMORPG. New players get an 8 hour trial which is enough to get anyone hooked to it. After that, you gotta pay $5 a month which is quite worthwhile, especially considering the incredibly communicative development of the game. It has a native linux installer as well as one for Macs and Windows.

  15. Alien Arena 2007
  16. Thanks AstralSin for mentioning it.

    Alien Arena is a completely free FPS started by COR Entertainment in 2004 comprising of a science fiction ambience and a Quake like gameplay. This game is playable in single player mode against bots, but the action and thrill lies at the online multiplayer mode. Features of the Alien Arena 2007 include an internal server browser for finding other people to play online and an external program that acts as an IRC interface. There are 6 game types and 6 game mutators that changes the gameplay. Cattle Prod is a new game type that requires you to herd robotic cattle to earn points. Alien Arena 2007 is playable in Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.

  17. Urban Terror
  18. Thanks AstralSin for mentioning it.

    A mod of Quake III Arena, Urban Terror focuses a lot on realism. Number of weapons and gear that can be carried is limited. Accuracy is reduced when fired while moving and magazines require reloading upon expension. Damage areas are identified throughout the body. Wounds require bandaging and slows down movement significantly if the damage is not bandaged. Even a stamina bar is present to indicate if the player is able to sprint or jump. Released on 1st April 2007, Urban Terror 4 introduced 4 new features namely, ‘powersliding’, new weapons, player models and improved hit detection. It also supports anti cheating tools like PunkBuster, BattleEye and RunDMC.

  19. A Tale In The Desert
  20. Thanks Kristjan Siimson for mentioning it.

    Set in Ancient Egypt, ATITD focuses on society rather than combat. Actually, there is no combat system whatsoever. The fun of the game lies in economic development. Most of the players are from the US and Europe and the variety of social activities encourages a lot of interaction. Players are to participate in building, community, research and test themselves through challenges called ‘Tests’. The male to female players ratio is considerably equal compared to other online games and the game is also noted by many to have high levels of civility and generosity. The first 24 hours is free, after that a monthly fee of $13.95 is required to continue playing.

  21. Second Life
  22. Thanks MariusZ for mentioning it.

    Second Life is an online virtual world that allows ‘Residents’ to explore, meet each other, socialize, participate in group activities, trade items and services. It’s creators, Linden Lab, intends to create a world like the Metaverse described by Neal Stephenson in his novel, Snow Crash. In this Metaverse, people can interact, have fun and do business. The current currency is Linden Dollar (L$) and is EXCHANGEABLE for US$ in a marketplace consisting of residents, Linden Lab and real life companies. It is hardly considered a game as tt does not have points, scores, winners or losers, levels or an end-strategy. More than 7 million accounts have been registered since its conception. Basic accounts is free but Premium account is US$9.95 if you want to own lands.

  23. Savage 2
  24. Thanks nemesis for mentioning it.

    This fantasy / science fiction, real-time strategy, fps, rpg game is a sequel to to S2 Games’ Savage : Battle for Newerth. Both teams of human and beasts are pitted against each other in a gameplay where strategy, agility and alertness is needed. The game is downloadable for free but online access requires a one time account purchase of US$29.99. Activities such as kills, deaths, assists, building razes, damage and score points are tracked. All Savage 2 matches are saved and thus searchable in the form of replays. The automatic replay network is a system that will greatly increase the skill levels of overall player populations and competitiveness.

  25. Warsaw
  26. Thanks mroyf, Cholulalulip, João Rodrigues for mentioning it.

    Warsow is a free FPS based in Qfusion 3D engine playable on Windows and Linux developed under the motto ‘by gamers for gamers’. Beta testers from the community goes through internal testing sessions and gives feedback on public releases where the main developers will carefully judge suggestions and comments made. Gameplay is focused a lot on agility. Weapons picked up will have weak ammo until a new ammo pack is found. Graphic effects are minimal, clear and visible.

  27. TrueCombat: Elite
  28. Thanks João Rodrigues, Michael for mentioning it.

    TC:Elite happens to be a total-conversion modification of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory by Team Terminator and Groove Six Studios. The game is free and playable across all platforms. Notable features include iron sights aiming (no crosshair), multi layer object penetration, letterbox / wide screen view modes, lag compensation, client side bullet prediction and support for PunkBuster, the anti cheat software.

  29. Frozen Bubble
  30. Thanks PhoenixByrd, Ferk for mentioning it.

    The latest version 2.0 includes an adjusted launcher speed, new scoring system, 4 lives and online multiplayer mode, but only available to Linux users at the time of writing. Version 1.0 of the game is available across all platforms including Symbian Series 60 line of smartphones and a single player Java applet version. Written in Perl, the free to play Frozen Bubble features 100 levels and a cute penguin (I think it’s supposed to be Tux) who shoots to form bubbles of the same color.

  31. The Open Racing Car Simulator
  32. Thanks to PhoenixByrd for mentioning it.

    TORCS is an open source 3D racing simulator using OpenGL technologies. It is runnable on all Linux, FreeBSD, MacOSX and Windows platforms. There are 50 different cars, 20 tracks and 50 opponents to race against. The multiplayer mode can accommodate up to 4 human players. Several of the simulation include damaged models, collisions and aerodynamics like ground effects, spoilers, etc. Development is currently being carried out to enable online racing mode.

  33. FlightGear
  34. Thanks to PhoenixByrd for mentioning it.

    Since 1996, FlightGear has been a collaborative project that aims to create a sophisticated open source flight simulator framework. FlightGear uses the SimGear simulation engine. Some of the aircraft models available in FlightGear include gliders, helicopters, airliners, fighter jets, etc. Weather effects such as clouds, lightning effects and time of the day is illustrated.

  35. Frets On Fire
  36. Thanks to PhoenixByrd, Solitary, Hellmark, tuopppi, for mentioning it.

    Winner of the Assembly Demo Party 2006, Frets on Fire is a music video game that uses the keyboard to play along with scrolling on-screen musical notes to complete a song. The player has to imagine the keyboard as a guitar and pick it up to play. One hand will be used to press the ‘frets’ (F1 to F5) and another will be used to press the ‘picks’ (Shift or Enter). Colored markers that appears are to be played by pressing ‘frets’ of the correct color and ‘picks’ at the correct moment. There are also song editors and tutorials featured in the game. This game was addictive once I got the hang of it.

  37. Scorched 3d
  38. Thanks james, Pyro for mentioning it.

    Scorched 3D is a 100% free turn-based artillery game modeled after the classic DOS game Scorched Earth ‘The Mother Of All Games’. Operatable across all operating systems. What started as a 3D landscape generator has now become a cool 3D game that requires skills to master. Players are supposed to take turns homing in to hit the target by adjusting the angle, rotation, power and a weapon of choice every other turn. Hits and kills will generate income for you to buy better weapons and items. Note that items are as important as weapons.

  39. ManiaDrive
  40. Thanks to Shamar for mentioning it.

    ManiaDrive is a free clone of Trackmania and is an arcade car game on acrobatic tracks, with a quick and nervous gameplay (tracks almost never exceed one minute), and features a network mode, as the original. Lots of crazy driving involved.

  41. Warzone 2100
  42. Thanks Elane

    Warzone 2100 is a real-time strategy and real-time tactics hybrid computer game, developed by Pumpkin Studios and published by Eidos Interactive. Outside of the story, Warzone 2100 only has a single faction, limiting some of the variety that can be expected from such games of its kind, although the faction is very complex. Essentially, Warzone 2100 plays much like Earth 2150 with 3D units and terrain, customizable vehicles, a lack of traditional standing infantry, use of “research” to acquire new technologies, and perceptible differentiation of vehicles types.

  43. Spring
  44. Thanks Elane

    The game is mainly focused around multiplayer games over the Internet or a LAN connection. There are currently a few single player missions, built on the basic support for this through Lua scripting. There are also many skirmish AIs under development, allowing for offline play or extra players in an online game. Two skirmish AIs ship in the game package, as well as three maps and the XTA mod.

  45. Battle Tanks
  46. Thanks Elane

    “Battle Tanks” is a multiplayer game in the first place. Network game and split screen mode are available, and also a mixed mode is possible, when two players use split screen on the server computer, and others connect via LAN. Two possible modes are deathmatch battle and cooperative game. Hardware requirement is minimum and the game is cross platform.

  47. Excalibur: Morgana’s Revenge v3.0
  48. Thanks Elane

    EMR 3.0 is a unique scenario based upon the Aleph One (Marathon) engine. It is a first-person action adventure game, featuring an epic and in-depth story line. It brings more exciting new maps, new high resolution textures and landscapes, a completely new set of weapons, new monsters and friends, new scenery, new 16-bit sounds, original music, and a carefully woven original story line that transcends time.

158 replies on “Top 24 Linux Games”

Is Tux Racer destined to be on every ‘Best of Linux Games’ list forever and ever? Check out this list for a list of high quality games that actually came out this year, before adding games from six years ago and games that are not even out (like QW:ET).

Otherwise, you’ve got some good sharp looking screenshots. Maybe you could an in-game one for Battle of Wesnoth.

dude. tux racer was, is and will be cool. IMHO, it’s addictive. It’s suitable for lightweight linux users and is an all time fav.

QW:ET is one of the most anticipated games of summer and has already won awards even before it’s official launch.

Anyways, the link to the list does not include open source or free games.

Battle for Wesnoth #1??? really??? wow, i never could get the attraction to that game. a couple excellent games were left off this list. go check out alien arena 2007 and urban terror

astral : their all nice games arranged in no particular order. i’ll check out alien arena and urban terror pretty soon.

thanks. =)

It’s the first well known computer game used for political aims. The game is used as a playable recruiting tool and critics have charged the game serves as a propaganda device.

-freedom fries

Most all of them are 3D shooters…

There are also other gametypes in Linux thay do good.. Enigma, Frozen Bubble, Freeciv, Armagetron Advanced, Neverball…

“If you decide Vendetta Online suits you, it’s easy to upgrade to a paying account (major credit cards, PayPal, and other methods accepted). Rates start at $9.99/month, with bulk discounts down to $6.67/mo for larger blocks of time.”

Anyways, nice list!

Kristjan : Though the graphics look sharp, I think it’s relatively expensive at $13.95 monthly. Thanks anyway for telling. I’ll use the 24 hour trial and give it a try.

Ankur : Thanks. Will check CUBE out.

Adrian : Thanks for mentioning Zyberflux. Will take a look. Tux Racer is an all time favourite. =P

Mariusz : Oooh.. Now i know. Thanks.

Ankur & James : Good point. Thanks.

stuff : Glest? Sounds new.. made in Spain right?

I guess it is too early to put FreeOrion on this list.
It _is_ amazing though..

And what about VegaStrike? Available at

Amazing game, if a little steep on the learning curve..

Hi! I’m the commander of one of the guilds in Vendetta Online (ranked #8). I just wanted to make the correction that Vendetta Online is $10 USD per month, not $5 (still less than most other MMOs out there). If one purchases time in bulk (in chunks of 3, 6, 12 or 24 months), the average price per month goes down.

Anyway, I’m glad to see that it made the list! I’ve been playing it for several years now and am always amazed to see some of the odd places that it shows up.

It’s true that VO has very communicative development–sometimes a player might suggest a small feature or content item, and it’ll be implemented in the next update. Usually it takes a few weeks depending on how difficult the change is, and how much work is required on top of the current tasks the four developers have set for themselves.

If you’re curious about how development is going, check out the news page on the website at .

Again, glad to see that the game made it onto the list, but I did need to make the correction about it being $10 per month, not $5. (At current exchange rates, it comes out to about 5 GBD per month, perhaps that is where the error occurred.)

Hope to see some of you ingame!


What about Regnum ??? What a crap list.

1) Second Life

2) Enemy Territory

3) Frozen Bubble

4) Vendetta Online

5) Torcs

6) Flght Gear

7) Frets on Fire

8) Glest

9) A tale in the desert

10) Legends

That’s my list atleast…

Why the hell is America’s Army in this list when the AA web site only has a Windows version??? Surely this is not a “games we’d like to play in Linux if WINE was stable enough” list?

Where’s the first Neverwinter Nights (not the AOL one, of course)? It works natively, along with expansion packs. Also, Frets on Fire is awesome. For FPS’s theres Cube, for adventure games you can use SCUMMVM platform. Good thing the article didn’t mention Second Life, that over-hyped, overrated piece of bull…

Yay, Vendetta! It’s worth trying the demo time, but it is still sort of a game in the works. The devs are responsive though, and the community is nice. If it interests you, try a month first before going in for the long run.

Sigh. I’ve always wanted my name to show up in a screenshot =(

While tuxracer is a fun little game, there doesn’t seem to have been any work done on it for ages. Similarly, all but one of the [windows*] mirrors for tuxracer give ‘file not found’. (The sourceforge link still works.)

To add to this, the fact that such a good and OLD game is still on the current list of top linux games is sad (for linux.)

Interesting list, though – I’ll have to play some of the ones that I haven’t gotten to yet. =)

*goes to play tuxracer*

* I know, it’s a linux games list, but that’s not what I’m using right at this moment.

There’s nothing wrong with second life. Yea, a little over-hyped perhaps, but as a social platform it’s an excellent tool. Hell, just the prospect of making money off of it make’s it worthwhile. It can get a bit boring as there doesn’t seem to be much to do there, but you do have the freedom to develop whatever floats your boat. Want a racing game, make one. Want an FPS, make one. RPG? Make one!

That is a cool set of games. I especially like battle of wesnoth, tux racer and tremulous which I have played a number of times. Seeing the screenshots, I am won’t to believe that the rest of them are as entertaining as the ones I have played.

Indeed its very strange to see where my fav linux game will pop up next! I’m a regular on Vendetta-Online, but like others I’m suprised to not see games like BZFlag (aka bouncy tank) and Armagetron Advanced.

Nether the less, hope to see some of you targets space side. 😉

It would be nice to mention in a Linux game list if the FPS games listed have single-player “content” or are just fragfest games. Those that I’ve tried are only multi-player and that gets boring real fast, regardless of how shiny the graphics are.

Also, a “list of games” with no genres is somewhat disinteresting since most people only like certain types of games.

Wesnoth and Freeciv are arguably the best free turn-based strategy games.

There are a large number of quality multi-player FPS games.

There are few quality MMORPGs (and, no, Second Life is not a game) but I don’t know why you wouldn’t include Wine compatible games like WoW, Eve, LotRO (reportedly, it is now working) if you’re going to include commercial games which require a subscription.

There are a few good RTS games, including, some mediocre 3D RPGs, and tons of good puzzle games, but your list is mostly concentrated on a genre that is probably better left to consoles. Meh.

El artículo está muy bien, pero ¿algunos mas que para GNU/Linuxno son multiplataforma? 😛
Uo he probado algunos títulos en GNU/Linux y en windows y la verdad he notado mejores resultados en el primero. Las tareas del SO están mas optimizadas y puede notarse un aumento de la velocidad en el juego.
Espero que las empresas empiecen a dar soporte pronto.

Tuxracer is dead, and has been superceded by PlanetPenguin Racer.

What about Frets on Fire? Second Life? I’ve been playing the snot out of those lately on my linux desktop.

America’s army does support linux, but you cant even find a mention of it on the website really. Only way I found a download was by using google.

This list badly, badly, lack Neverwinter Nights (the original, not the Windows-only version 2). Bioware invested a lot of effort into supporting Linux and Mac and mostly succeeded at it. Despite the game being aged and the graphic somewhat poor even for its time, it’s an awesome *platform* for gaming. Yes, platform, because this is what NWN really is about: a platform on which to build content. Forget the original campaign shipped in the box, it is mostly boring. Go download some of the astounding community-built material instead. The number of modules, modifications, add-ons, etc produced for this game dwarf the work of pretty much any game modding community in existence. Some of it even making it’s way into the official product. Bioware really “get it” as far as nurturing a development community go. Despite NWN being a proprietary piece of software, it would have been an awesome match for the Open-Source community, which mostly ignore it. Sadly.

It’s all behind us now, though. Most people are chasing shinier game these days. As for me, I will continue to play NWN on Linux and enjoy the fruit of this awesome development community for years to come.

Why do people post just copies of parts of the article itself in the comments? I’ve seen this in a few places. It makes no sense to me.

Nice list, I’ll definitely be checking out the ones on here I didn’t already know about. Although Chromium doesn’t really fit on here, given it’s not 3D, I think it deserves an honorable mention. I’hat game has more depth than I could have ever imagined finding in a scrolling space shooter.

Oh, Chris, did you hear Quake Wars was recently delayed for an indeterminate amount of time? Nice job getting all the hits, by the way.

are you sure?

Well, Aspyr Media just announced on 21st May 2007 that it will be releasing the title for Apple Mac.

A public beta was also announced on June 15, 2007. No date has been set for testing to begin, other than it will be “soon.” The beta will be open to 60,000 FilePlanet paid and unpaid subscribers.

3.Battle For Wesnoth
4.far cry
5.3d chess
6.Neverwinter Nights
9.Serious Sam 2

I you insist on having TuxRacer in the list, then Planet Penguin Racer is the version you should be touting. When Tux Racer went commercial and stopped development, PPRacer split off. Its basically the same game, slightly better graphics and is still free. Unfortunately it appears to no longer under development either, sice 2005 . Still, you can find it [url=]here[/url] if you want

Chris, done a great job collecting all these titles! After pumping the original eight to twenty-one, I say this list is double-plus good! I still stand by my original opinions back in May, but I have to also applaud the publicity that you have generated for these deserving games.

Contrary to what this articly would imply, a game doesn’t have to be 3D to be fun. After countless years, I’m _still_ looking for the Amulet of Yendor. Long live rogue!

“Your weapon glows blue for a moment”

OpenTTD should definitely be added to this list.

It’s a nice railroad strategy game with great gameplay. Though it has a bit sucky graphics just like battle for wesnoth, though I’m slowly getting used to that. Battle for wesnoth has never appealed to me. tiny units, tiny fonts. I just see the pixels, I don’t like this, this is 2007, grow up people.

Oh, I hope free game devvers would just realise they should spread their efforts for good graphics and good gameplay. It just seems as if gameplay is regarded as the holy grail, while graphics are neglected. I’m not asking for a free Crysis, but at least some improvement should be possible in wesnoth and the like. Wesnoth would be a nice game, if it wasn’t so damn ugly.

I’m now learning myself to program some stuff, do some art, but I don’t feel ready to join any ongoing project just yet as I’m still too noobish.

It’s WarSow, not warsaw! Isn’t it?

Yeah, whenever an update or patch comes out, most free games take awhile to repopulate with people. Maybe there are no good in game notifications to upgrade (as was the case with World of Padman, a great fun game).

But once everyone upgrades, most servers pick up.

Chris said: “dude. tux racer was, is and will be cool. IMHO, it’s addictive. It’s suitable for lightweight linux users and is an all time fav.”

I didn’t know there were any lightweight Linux users. 😀

Neverball rocks, especially with the wiimote 🙂

what about unreal tournament 2003/2004?

( im not sure about UT3)

I am surprised X-Plane ( isn’t listed along with (or in place of) FlightGear. It seems to be quite an extraordinary flight simulator, granted it does cost money but that doesn’t seem to have prevented other games from having been listed here.

I’m getting sick of this. These same lists appear over and over again, listing the same games.

The most common to be listed is Tux Racer, a long since dead game. Since then, Planet Penguin Racer picked up where Tux Racer stopped, which later died. Most recently, Extreme Tux Racer was created to revive the Planet Penguin Racer project. Stop giving publicity to a dead project, please!

Alien Arena 2008 is also out.

This is pathetic.

You know why there are so few games for Linux and all of them can’t be compared to similar Windows games? Because the productive development requires commitment and the only way to support it is money which is against Linux philosophy.

I loved Battle for Wesnoth, but found it so insanely hard that I had to keep reloading turns as one mistake against the vast hordes pitted against you is fatal.

In the end I had to give up 🙁


The fact that it works — smoothly on my crappy Dell XPSM140 (bought in the year 2000) laptop — is a testament to its awesomeness!

you should really clean up the comments, so many of them are just spam.

nice article, though, even if a lot of the game descriptions are somewhat incomplete, for example it doesn’t say what kind of game battle tanks is, except that it’s multi player. very confusing, yes.

Scorched 3D sucks, TORCS is the most bugged game ever.

How comes everybody forgets Flight of the Amazon Queen or Beaneath a Steel Sky, yet everyone praises really crappy games like TuxRacer?!?!

Morgana’s Revenge is a real pain to compile.

In my opinion the only worthwhile gaming on linux is old Lucas Arts adventure games thanks to ScummVM

Please dont forget the masive EVE-Online game (MMORPH) surly the graphics are the best there is when it comes to gaming on linux.

i’m need to know haw i’can install programes on kubuntu and wher i’can download it from the internet .

i’m a new user at kubuntu but i’m prof user at microsoft windows i’cant find any way to setup a programes at kubuntu and all mp3’s and vedio not work at kubuntu pls send to my e-mail haw i’do thats
thanks a loot

Battle for Wesnoth is a good rpg game.. It coul’d be faster, but hey: its fast for turn-based strategy.

Its so simple to learn, but you still learn something new each time.
And multiplayer is working if the opponent is awake 🙂

(Raskuten) I wanna put up Unreal Tournament 3 once Epic Games releases the downloadable installers for Linux.

Why not include commercial games that run under wine (remember, not an emulator). At least those considered “platinum”.

(David) There are lots of issues associated with many games running under Wine. In any case, a hardcore avid gamer knows better and usually won’t use Linux as their choice OS in the first place.

Savage2 doesn’t need to pay for online access.

Paid account is for extra item slots as well as (if I remember) able to see extra info/statistic on other players.

Hi, check out sauerbraten, that is a fun game, you can biuld your own maps in 3d and play online. You can even biuld with other people online! That is my favorite linux game and no wine required…

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