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This is the greatest, simplest, coolest video & audio converter I have ever seen. Seriously. It is a very efficient tool that allows users to convert multimedia files without depending on manuals and spending long hours in getting used to it. Why? Cause it’s so damn simple. There is no such thing as time or function limitations. There is no ridiculous trial or evaluation periods. You don’t even need to add any external codecs to it. It all comes together. It is FREE and COMPLETE for anyone in this world to use. Isn’t that awesome?


You can convert to/from any file formats that are listed below.


  • gp/3g2 (Nokia,Siemens,Sony,Ericsson)
  • asf
  • avi (DivX,H263,H263+,H264,XviD,MPEG4,MSmpeg4 etc..)
  • dat (VCD)
  • fli
  • flc
  • flv (similar to Google/YouTube video)
  • mkv
  • mpg (Mpeg I,Mpeg II)
  • mov (H263,H263+,H264,MPEG4 etc..)
  • mp4 (H263,H263+,H264,MPEG4)
  • ogg
  • qt (QuickTime)
  • rm (RealMedia)
  • ram (RealMedia)
  • rmvb (RealMedia)
  • str (Play Station)
  • swf (ShockWave Flash)
  • ts (HDTV)
  • viv (VivoActive)
  • vob
  • wmv


  • aac (iPOD)
  • ac3 (ring tones)
  • amr (ring tones)
  • mmf
  • mp2
  • mp3
  • mp4
  • mpc
  • ogg
  • ra (RealMedia)
  • wav
  • wma

Only get your downloads from the official website to get the spyware free, virus free, untampered, latest version. They even have a page to show potential users what SUPER can do. Check it out! You never know when you might need to convert a file.

Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer


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