Tips For Strong, Secure And Memorable Passwords

Forget about using a password generator. Yes, chances are you will get a strong, secure password but you are not going to remember it. Maybe you will for 1, but definitely not for 5. The best kind of passwords are those that you will have no problem remembering 10 years down the road.


  1. Avoid Common Passwords
  2. 6 most common password types according to Google :

    • The name of a pet, child, family member, or significant other
    • Anniversary dates and birthdays
    • Birthplace
    • Name of a favorite holiday
    • Something related to a favorite sports team
    • The word “password”

    Some others include :

    • 123456
    • abc123
    • qwerty
    • 111111
    • iloveyou

    If your password is part of any of the above, please change it immediately at the end of this article.

  3. Attributes Of A Strong Password
    • at least 8 characters long.
    • contains upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.
    • is not a character substitution like [email protected]$$W0RD

    Examples Of Strong Memorable Passwords

    • 10000k/Month (Personal Goals)
    • Samsung-i9005 (Model of your gadget)
    • DragonBallz-1989 (The first air date of your favourite anime)
    • MirandaKerr_2013 (Favourite celebrity and the date of a significant event)
    • Ben&JerryCoffee2009 (Your favourite ice cream brand and the year you discovered your favourite flavour)

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