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Search Engine : Factbites

Earlier, I wrote an article on BrainBoost , where you get answers instead of results whenever a question is searched for. Here’s another cool serch engine called Factbites , where search results are meaningful and relevant. Here’s a simple comparison of Factbites and Google.

  • Factbites
    1. displays the title, 3 sentences describing the search term relevant to the website and the URL
    2. all pages contain the keywords and has everything to do with the term
    3. get rich, factual information on a search term without leaving the search page
    4. have confidence when selecting a page
    5. a low substance site, sometimes spam, will rank low and will not be included in the results
    6. Factbites is still in beta testing. Stick to topics and avoid unusual combination of words

  • Google
    1. displays the title, a brief introductory sentence about the website and the URL
    2. all pages contain the keywords but may not have anything to do with the term
    3. sometimes, a user has to visit each page until a relevant one is found
    4. sometimes the brief introductory sentence isn’t meaningful enough
    5. spam sites appears now and then depending on search terms

    Where results make sense

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