Operating Systems

The OS Files

osfiles is a comprehensive website on Operating Systems. There are 5 main categories which comprises of Windows, Linux, DOS, Unix and more.. The author’s mission is to provide news, information, background, links and availability for every current and planned OS that runs on the PC platform, with a minimum of fuss or fluff.

Well, i took the time to visit a few links and I learned several interesting facts. For one, there’s gonna be a new OS long after Vista called “Blackcomb”. According to the website Blackcomb will be out after year 2010 and will be .NET based.


Here’s are pictures of all the operating systems covered by Unix and Linux.


Go check it out!

Search Engine

Google Guide Quick Reference


This website lists lots of cool search options provided by google. Perform calculations, currency conversions, find out the phone number of someone, get movie reviews, weather reports and lots more. The author of the website explains each function with a description and example.

Here are some examples that I’ve tried using.

altantuya location:malaysia
(Find Malaysian news articles on Altantuya.)

65 kg in pounds
(Conversion of my weight from kilograms into pounds.)

(defintions of the word imagination from the web)