8 Tips On How To Prepare A Proper PowerPoint Presentation


Presentations. One of the most prevalent forms of persuasion technology. Powerpoint presentation saves a ton of time compared to overhead projectors and whiteboards. The ease of use has also been an influencing factor for professionals like business people, educators and trainers. It caters well to the needs and desires of both presenters and audience. I have thought out 8 very useful tips on how to make an impact with powerpoint presentation from my experience working in my previous company.

  1. Serif, Sans-serif
  2. Serif

    Serif fonts have curls or tails at the end of each letter. Use this font type in titles. Why? Cause serif fonts take a bit longer to digest. Gets the mind ready for whatever that’s next.


    Sans-serif, on the other hand, has no tail. This improves readability speed so it’s suitable for texts of sentences. The minimum text size for any text is 14 pt. This will help your powerpoint presentations to get the message across efficiently.

  3. Design
  4. Bad


    Keep it composed and analyzable. The most important thing is to focus on getting the message across. Distractions from lousy templates with low quality pictures will give others a sense of disconnection. Keep it clean, bulletize your lists, be consistent on fonts, colour and background. Limit punctuation and avoid putting words in all capital letters. Empty space on the slide will enhance readability. Use contrasting colors for text and background. Dark text on a light background is best. Patterned backgrounds can reduce readability of text.

  5. Keywords
  6. Use only key information. Period. Having to spend more than 2 minutes on a slide equals to yawns and thoughts of ‘hmm… i think I’ll have burritos at Pablo’s for lunch’ during the presentation.

  7. Slide transitions
  8. ‘hmm.. let’s do something flashy. Lets have the title fly in from the bottom with the sound of drums’. FORGET IT! It’s old stuff. Maybe if it were the 80’s it will win you clients like drinking water, but now’s the 21st century. Having animations and sound effects will only impact the presentation negatively and you lose credibilty. Value in content will impress most.

  9. Images
  10. Only use high quality images. Low quality pixelated photos will only weaken the message. I have made a post on 9 reliable gigantic websites where you can get reusable high quality images for free. Use them.

  11. Don’t read the whole slide
  12. Only the title. The pool of text after the title is for the audience. Do it professionally. Relax and keep yourself composed at all times. Keep the audience motivated and try your very best to look like you’ve burnt a kilo of midnight oil preparing the presentation for your audience.

  13. Body posture
  14. Face the audience. Speak only after each successful page load. Don’t talk to the slide while checking. The audience may not hear your words clearly.

  15. Keep it cool
  16. For example, you’re at slide 11 and you forgot point number 5 and 6. Cover up and act cool. Do it like as if it’s in the plan. The last thing you wanna do is say ‘sorry’. That’s why simplicity is the number 1 factor in giving out steady presentations. When people can read something easily, they will understand what you want them to. Most importantly, have fun! =)

Here are 2 excellent examples of what I mean by good powerpoint presentations.

The Brand Gap

Shift Happens

Top 40 Most Useful, Free Mac OS X Softwares


Here are a list of 40 freewares that I dug up from all around the web, tested and reviewed. All that are listed here are pretty useful if you ask me. Each of the listed are free to download and use. If you see something you like, just download it and try it out yourself.

  1. Apple Boot Camp
  2. Boot Camp is a new technology that lets you install and run Windows on your Mac. If you have an Intel-based Mac computer and would like to try Boot Camp, you can download the public beta today.

  3. AppleJack
  4. AppleJack is a user friendly troubleshooting assistant for Mac OS X. With AppleJack you can troubleshoot a computer even if you can’t load the GUI, or don’t have a startup CD handy. AppleJack runs in Single User Mode and is menu-based for ease of use.

  5. Burn
  6. Burn is an application to burn most common disks: data disks, audio disks (mp3, audio cd), video disks (VCD, SVCD, DVD-Video, DivX), images and disk copy.

  7. Butler
  8. Designed to make it easier for users to perform different potentially recurring tasks. Customize and assign triggers to a task. Butler is very flexible and feature rich in terms of triggers and tasks. Start using it and discover the features one day at a time.

  9. Chicken of the VNC
  10. A fast, lightweight Virtual Network Computer (VNC) client for Mac OSX that allows you to display and interact with a remote computer screen. In other words, you can use Chicken of the VNC to interact with a remote computer as though it’s right next to you.

  11. Carbon Copy Cloner
  12. Easy-to-use backup/cloning utility. Other features include synchronization, scheduled tasks, creating disk images on the fly, and creating NetBoot and Apple Software Restore-prepared image sets from fully customized installations of Mac OS X.

  13. ClamXav
  14. ClamXav is a free virus checker for Mac OS X. It uses the tried, tested and very popular ClamAV open source antivirus engine as a back end.

  15. Cyberduck FTP
  16. Cyberduck is a graphical open source FTP and SFTP client for Mac OS X licensed under the GPL. It supports FTP/TLS (FTP secured over SSL/TLS), using AUTH TLS as well as uploading and downloading by drag and drop and is able to synchronize files and directories. In addition, it is also able to open some files in external text editors. Cyberduck includes a bookmark manager and supports the Mac OS X Keychain and Bonjour networking.

  17. Desktop Manager
  18. Virtual desktop manager for the Mac OS X. You can have any number of named virtual ‘screens’ (up to available memory) to arrange your programs on.

  19. FinderPop
  20. A classic Mac utility, now a prefpane for OS X. FinderPop is a Universal Preference pane that extends OS X’s contextual menus using a FinderPop Items folder much as the Apple Menu Items folder used to do for the Apple menu.

  21. iGetter
  22. iGetter is Safari’s download manager replacement. Doesn’t take up too much resources and is easy to use. It greatly improves your download speed by using segmented downloading. You can also schedule downloads for low traffic periods, auto resume broken downloads, shut down on completion, etc.

  23. ImageWell
  24. ImageWell is the easy way to edit, rotate, crop, and resize your image and upload it to your iDisk (.mac account), FTP server, or WebDAV server. No need to launch multiple applications to add text, labels, thought clouds, talking balloons, drop shadows, watermarks, and shapes.

  25. iWebMore
  26. This lets you easily and quickly add features to sites created in iWeb that would be difficult to add without this utility. This is the dig for the iWeb developer. Embed HTML in your iWeb pages and finally have those flash animations, applets and google ads on the website.

  27. iWillQuit
  28. This is sure to save your laptops hard drive. If you have a network in your house, schedule it to download files at night so as to not slow down others using the network or to keep your VOIP working without delay. Apple’s scheduler will not shut down/sleep while there is an internet radio stream, but iWillQuit does. iWillQuit works just as it said it does, shuts down, sleeps, etc.

  29. Linotype FontExplorer X
  30. Font sorting, font shopping and font discovery are now more fun than ever. FontExplorer X gives computer users all the font functions they could need, and lets them decide how deeply they wish to dive into various font themes.

  31. MainMenu
  32. MainMenu will run all the various tools and scripts and system maintenance routines to keep your Mac running smoothly right from your menu bar. It will rebuild your Spotlight library for faster searching, repair permissions, clean caches to improve application performance, etc.

  33. Max
  34. Max is an application for creating high-quality audio files in various formats, from compact discs or files. Look nowhere else to meet your needs in handling a wide range of codecs and other audio tools. Sbooth, the developer, is the leader of a community that cares deeply about high-quality audio on the Mac, and he has forums that are a key site for knowledge about Mac audio.

  35. MenuMeters
  36. MenuMeters is a set of CPU, memory, disk, and network monitoring tools for Mac OS X.

  37. Namely
  38. A very good application launcher that is really easy to use, doesn’t need much resources, and doesn’t get in the way when you don’t need it, which is nice. Namely is actually faster than Spotlight in application launching and you can choose your favourite aqualicious color too so it matches the Spotlight menu or your desktop very nicely.

  39. OnyX
  40. It allows you to run misc tasks of system maintenance, to configure some hidden parameters of the Finder, Dock, Dashboard, Exposé, Safari, Login window and of some of Apple’s own applications, to delete caches, to remove a certain number of files and folders that may become cumbersome, to see the detailed info of your configuration, to preview various logs and CrashReporter-reports, to check the Preferences files and more.

  41. Perian
  42. With Perian, the Swiss Army Knife for QuickTime, any OS X application that uses QuickTime can now use all the other common media types like DivX, XviD, mpeg4, AC3 audio, etc.

  43. PTHPasteboard
  44. PTHPasteboard is one of those applications which expands the functionality of copy and paste. It does this by allowing you to copy many things without having to paste them straight away; making good use of multiple ‘pasteboards’ which store everything you copy. Using this application means you never have to worry about losing anything you’ve copied ever again!

  45. Service Scrubber
  46. Wouldn’t the services menu be much more useful if it weren’t overcrowded by services you never even thought of using? With Service Scrubber, you can restructure the services menu, change service keyboard shortcuts or disable services. It also lets you deactivate, activate, reorder, rename and redefine the keyboard shortcuts for all the entries in the services menu. It does this in a way that is pretty much foolproof so you can always revert.

  47. SharePoints
  48. SharePoints is an application or a preference pane that makes it easy to add and delete share points like in the old Finder. In Mac OS X, by default, you are limited to sharing only what is in your public folder in your home directory. This program makes it easy to share any folder. In addition SharePoints also brings back users and groups management to Mac OS X as well as easy configuration of AppleFileServer (AFS) and Samba (SMB) Server properties.

  49. Sizzling Keys
  50. Sizzling keys allows you to control iTunes with keyboard shortcuts from any application. Pause, adjust the volume or skip a track without leaving the current application. Far more efficient than using iTunes itself. As well, one is generally using a lot more keyboard shortcuts when on the go anyhow.

  51. Skim
  52. Incredible great software for PDF reading. The new version is almost perfect certainly in the field of full screen reading and presentation. Easier to use as a viewer than Adobe Reader. The ability to attach notes is an added bonus.

  53. SlimBatteryMonitor
  54. This application is excellent! It cuts the menubar space by half and is easily customizable. For example, you can easily change the color of the icon outline from black to blue. It is suggested to move the application from the desktop into the Applications folder before installing.

  55. SMARTReporter
  56. SMARTReporter is an application that can warn you of some ATA hard disk failures before they actually happen! It does so by periodically polling the S.M.A.R.T.-status of your hard disk. S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) is a technology built into most modern hard disks that acts as an “early warning system” for pending drive problems.

  57. smcFanControl
  58. Keep your MacBook about 15 °C cooler than when it isn’t running. When the CPU is taxed, Apple’s controls take over and the fan speed increases according to Apple guidelines, but when it is running normally, you can set the fan at a faster speed to keep your system cool. A great little program that is very unobtrusive, easy to turn on and off at will.

  59. Springy (StuffIt replacement)
  60. Springy archiving and compressing application let you do all your work with archives and compressed files using a graphical interface similar to Finder. Features include browsing files in archives in all three view types (as icons, as list, as columns), extracting all or particular files or folders from archives, modifying archives (add, delete, replace, rename files or folders in archives), full drag & drop support, working with encrypted and password protected files, support for HFS/HFS+ metadata and resource forks, compressing and decompressing files and many more. Dragan Milic, the developer, is pretty responsive. Just leave your issues and you will get addressed in a short time.

  61. SuperDuper!
  62. Exactly duplicate your hard drive. The clone is even bootable. The interface explains clearly what’s going to happen so that you can be sure that you are doing what you want to do. Runs both on Intel and Power PC Macs! Taking into account its clear interface, excellent functionality, and informative documentation, I consider SuperDuper! to be a must-have utility for Mac OS X.

  63. TextWrangler2
  64. TextWrangler 2.0’s text-handling operations are swift and precise. The ‘Text’ menu holds an array of time-saving commands. This version of TextWrangler is a boon to coders and system administrators. It gives you direct integration with the Unix scripting environments of Perl, Python, and shell scripts. This version has improved syntax coloring for a plethora of structured languages and file formats. The program also now sports a powerful AppleScript dictionary.

  65. TinkerTool
  66. TinkerTool is an application that gives you access to additional preference settings Apple has built into Mac OS X. This allows to activate hidden features in the operating system and in some of the applications delivered with the system.

  67. Transmission
  68. A lightweight yet powerful BitTorrent client whose simple, intuitive interface is designed to integrate tightly with whatever computing environment you choose to use. Transmission strikes a balance between providing useful functionality without feature bloat. Furthermore, it is free for anyone to use or modify.

  69. Unarchiver
  70. The Unarchiver is a replacement for BOMArchiveHelper.app, the small application that handles archives by default in OS X. However, unlike the default archive helper, this program has a very impressive list of supported formats that it can work with. These formats range from very common ones, to some of the most obscure.

  71. UNO
  72. UNO is a theme that brings the sunken unified toolbar/titlebar look & feel to every single window on your system (metal or aqua, and already unified windows as well).

  73. Vienna
  74. Vienna is a freeware, open source RSS/Atom newsreader for the Mac OS X operating system. It provides features comparable to commercial newsreaders, but both it and the source code are freely available for download.

  75. VLC Media Player
  76. VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, etc) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. It can also be used as a server to stream in unicast or multicast in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network.

  77. WhatRoute
  78. WhatRoute is designed to find the names of all the routers an IP packet passes through on its way from your Macintosh to a destination host. It also measures the round-trip time from your Mac to the router, thus enabling you to determine slow links or hops in the Internet. WhatRoute can also find dead links, such as routers that don’t respond.

  79. Yahoo Messenger
  80. The ONLY Mac messenger at the time of writing that can consistently do video chats with people who aren’t using Macs. iChat and AIM seems to be very fickle with cams. Plus, since YIM and MSN now interact happily, it’s easy to cam for anyone on your MSN or YIM lists.

Best 47 Linux Games


Since a few years back, tons of new Linux games have been made. Many from other OS’s were ported over to Linux and vice versa, which is good in the sense that it benefits the games that are built around online mulitplayers. Some are free and some are paid but the Linux games listed below are DEFINITELY worth every minute of your time. As the saying goes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. So you will find all kinds of the top linux games listed below like RPG, FPS, RTS, MOBA, MMO, platformers, etc.

Enjoy reading and watching!

  1. Capsized
  2. This wonderful little platformer is very enjoyable. I really dig the atmosphere, sound, and feel of the game. It’s very straight forward and the gameplay has a generous mix of activities. You don’t merely shoot up aliens as you solve puzzles too. The story is pretty simple. A crew of astronauts find themselves in a world of trouble and are forced to evacuate their ship. Each one boards their own space pod and launch themselves onto a nearby planet. Scattered from your crew, you explore this strange place in search of survivors and a way to get off the hostile planet. The game art is really spot on and very consistent. Capsized’s style has a lot of flavor while keeping things simple and easy to read. The controls are fun and easy to manage, even on a keyboard. The environments and creatures are weird and sometimes creepy, but always entertaining.

    Website : Click here.

  3. SuperTuxKart
  4. While it may be frustrating a few times during option changes, once you’re set up this game is extremely fun! There are several tracks that are very different to maneuver and many options that can completely change the way this game looks and plays. The tires leave skid-marks, so you can tell where cars are braking or spinning out. Depending upon settings, this game can be anything from a horrible to fantastic racing experience. But it’s not a bad game, just highly variable. Keep playing with it until you find the settings you like. Totally fun and very addicting!

    Website : Click here.

  5. CodeRED : Alien Arena
  6. In many ways I believe it can be called the best free FPS out there as Alien Arena is becoming the standard by which others are judged. It is already including features not yet implemented like ragdolls for example. The CRX engine is amazing. For those of you that have been playing games a long time, this will remind you of the old Quake Arena days. Also Alien Arena is “Doom” inspired, and it’s definitely got that “Unreal” feeling about it. It can be very addictive but in a good way. The IRC is fantastic as you get to meet some really great people there who are always willing to help. The Alien Arena forum is amazing. The response time to a question is really fast. Alien Arena seems to have what you people are looking for in a game, consistent fun!

    Website : Click here.

  7. Frets On Fire X aka FoFiX
  8. Frets On Fire X is a fork, or a standalone modification of the original Frets on Fire. It’s built off of the python based Frets on Fire engine. Frets On Fire X has many great themes that can transform your game to look exactly like Guitar Hero or Rock Band. The themes it comes with are pretty stripped down. Two player multiplayer support has been added as well. If the song supports it, you can play drums too!

    Multiplayer has co-operative and face-off modes. In co-op mode each player gets their own note streak counter and star power/overdrive meter, but they share a single rock meter, and score. Face-Off mode completely duplicates the first player game window for the second player, with separate rock meters and scores. Whoever does better in the end, wins. Lastly, there’s a Pro-Face-Off mode where each note player 1 hits decreases player 2’s rock meter, and vice versa; the goal is to cause the other player to fail.

    Customizing Frets on Fire X is pretty easy to do. You can find tons of themes online and all you need to do is drop them into the themes folder and select it from the options menu in the game. I’ve seen BioShock, SpongeBob, Star Wars, and of course Rock Band and Guitar Hero themes. Themes are highly recommended as it makes the game look A LOT better. Unlike the console games, you can remove songs that you do not wish to play, inappropriate stages and even fret designs!

    Website : Click here.

  9. Flight Of The Amazon Queen
  10. Flight of the Amazon Queen is a graphical point-and-click adventure game by Interactive Binary Illusions originally released in 1995 for Amiga and DOS and re-released as free software in 2004 for use with ScummVM. It is very similar in style in many ways to LucasArts’ many popular point-and-click adventures of the 1990s, and was inspired by Monkey Island and Indiana Jones. The character has in fact several comments about a few LucasArts and Sierra games, which will give you quite a few laughs!

    Website : Click here.

  11. 0AD
  12. 0 A.D. is a free, open-source, cross-platform real-time strategy game of ancient warfare. In short, it is a historically-based war/economy game that allows players to relive or rewrite the history of Western civilizations, focusing on the years between 500 B.C. and 500 A.D. The project is highly ambitious, involving state-of-the-art 3D graphics, detailed artwork, sound, and a flexible and powerful custom-built game engine.

    The game is still in alpha stage as of writing and is nowhere near being fully complete yet, but do try the game, be amazed and help out the game’s developers!

    Website : Click here.

  13. Minecraft
  14. The game is truly a wonder of game design. It features simple, intuitive, and interesting mechanics easily learned on the fly, yet it also features an emergent depth of gameplay. The graphics are lo-res, yet charming, and reminiscent of old style 8-bit games, with a 3d touch. For the price, this is one of those games that you will not regret ever getting as before you realize it, you’ll have spent hours and hours digging “just one more tunnel. ”

    Website : Click here.

  15. Penumbra : Black Plague
  16. Black Plague did everything Overture had accomplished and made it better, tweaking all the flaws from the first like the incredibly awkward combat. It also more then triples the scare factor of the game, replacing simple animals that were already dreadful with a horrifying new breed of danger. Coupled with an atmosphere that is so dark, chilling and gripping that the game demands to be played fully emersed in dark, at night, with the lights off.

    The graphics aren’t amazing, but as the name of the series hints (penumbra simply means a small area of light surrounded by darkness), this is not so much about graphics as the lighting. The shadows easily hide the sins of the outdated graphics and while the lighting is amazing, it is rarely reassuring in the gritty, claustrophobic environment that is “The Shelter”. Coupled with some underrated script and voice acting, not to mention immersive sound that leaves you jumping at every little noise that goes “bump”, the game becomes a very frightening world for your character to explore, run and hide in.

    If you’re a fan of horror, do not miss this game. It excels at what it sets out to do and creates not so much a game as more an experience, if not an utterly terrifying one. It’s simply an amazing hidden gem in a sea of games. Not everyone will find it or even appreciate it, but that makes it all the more savoring for people like you, who have just discovered it.

    Website : Click here.

  17. Heroes Of Newerth
  18. Heroes of Newerth is the best MOBA (Multiplayer Online Batte Arena) title on the market right now. It stays very close to the original game DotA, with slight gameplay and major interface enhancements. For example, matchmaking gives you an easy way to enter a game with people who are about the same level as you. No more server browsing, no more host leaving the game, etc. The only critique you’ll have with this game is the incredibly steep learning curve. To actually be a valuable asset to your team you have to play numerous hours, about a day’s worth, and in the beginning you’re going to feed very very much. Anyhow, you’ll be hooked by the first minute.

    Website : Click here.

  19. Dungeons of Dredmor
  20. Dungeons of Dredmor is a Roguelike (a sub-genre of role-playing video games) that you can proudly show your friends, as it offers graphics and sound instead of ASCII characters. For the unfamiliar, it’s a turn based Dungeon Crawler (a type of scenario in fantasy role-playing games) that has the Hero (you) trying to descend 10 levels of the dungeon to kill the villain and escape. You have a variety of skills, weapons, and magic items to help you on your task, and encounter a staggering array of enemies and traps to hinder you. The game is very difficult and is meant to be played with permadeath (meaning you start over each time you die) so patience is a must.

    The graphics are fine, the sounds are good and the soundtrack is sharp, though peculiar at times. The mostly mouse driven interface is intuitive, though navigating some skills and your inventory can be annoying at times. You may have a few minor quibbles and suggestions for updates after playing it a while, but for the time invested, you’re going to get a lot of game with Dungeons of Dredmor.

    Website : Click here.

  21. Steel Storm : Burning Retribution
  22. The single player is simple: find enemy A to open force field B to reach exit C. This formula is tolerable, as there are usually some great moments of oldschool gunplay, ambushes and the like between A and C. What it doesn’t provide, however, is a compelling reason to do anything except shoot. That doesn’t mean the game isn’t a lot of fun for a bit, but it does mean that it doesn’t leave a strong impression. The production level when it comes to sound feels quite decent, though almost all explosions are the same explosion, etc.

    The look of the game is unique, detailed and cartoonish in equal measure. In spots, it feels like the old ‘Desert Strike’ isometric helicopter games of the 16-bit era with shots coming from all directions while you try to find a safe spot to flank from heavier enemies. Level design has some nice variety and clever puzzle-type elements and secret passageways that break up the monotony of “shoot – open door – shoot” that otherwise comprises the gameplay.

    Website : Click here.

  23. Counter Strike 2D
  24. This is a stand-alone, 2D counter-strike game. You control your character from a top-down perspective and guide them throughout more than 15 included maps to fulfill various objectives. Just as in the original Counter-Strike, you can use a variety of weapons and team tactics online or in bot matches.

    Website : Click here.

  25. Amnesia : The Dark Descent
  26. This game is amazingly frightening! The game takes advantage of all the little details of human nature not usually included in video games, and by combining heavy breathing with dizziness and eerie creaks, you practically became the person in the game. In fact, sometimes you would hear something to the left, and you would look away from the monitor yourself. And more than just being creepy is the realism of the game, although some things are designed unrealistically on purpose, it just makes you feel like you’re going crazy. You’ll be scared shitless many times, and the subtle revealing of the plot as you advance gives you more understanding of the situation, yet makes you feel even more scared. It doesn’t require much puzzle-solving, but its goal is to scare you stiff, and Frictional Games did an excellent job of that.

    Website : Click here.

  27. Trine 2
  28. There isn’t a single thing in this game that could possibly detract from its quality. It improves every aspect of Trine 1 by a long shot. I thought it was going to be mostly like the original but there’s just a lot more depth to it, and it looks so much better now. The original looks great too, but it’s incredible how a solid art style can make a game look so beautiful. On top of the visuals, growing plants using a dynamic stream of water never gets old and there’s so much more to the puzzles than that. It’s just so involving and intuitive while being simple. The narrative isn’t overdone and it’s intriguing despite it being almost like a children’s book. The banter amongst the heroes keeps you interested in the actual story while you play, just like in the original Trine.

    A game like this doesn’t come around often in my opinion. That’s an amazing price for an amazing game. Lastly, the game runs BEAUTIFULLY smooth. With a relatively outdated computer, you could set everything to the highest setting at 1080p resolution with some anti-aliasing and get super smooth frame rates! This game doesn’t need a lot of anti aliasing to make edges look nice either. It just looks so amazing yet it runs so perfectly. Respect to Frozenbyte, as they’ve outdone themselves yet again.

    Website : Click here.

  29. M.A.R.S.
  30. A great space ship shooter! It’s very fun even if it’s only in testing stage. Although it could use more weapons, powerups and multiplayer functions (currently a 2 player game), it’s a fun game to get a friend over to your house to play with! This game has great potential. Hopefully bigger maps could be implemented where you get to hide out of view of your opponent and add to the fun!

    Website : Click here.

  31. MegaGlest
  32. MegaGlest extends Glest’s gameplay by including five new factions which are Egyptians, Indian, Norsemen, Persian & Romans, new scenarios, a much improved multiplayer system, in-game mods download section etc.

    There are 4 main resources in game, out of which 3 are common for everyone (gold, stone & wood), the fourth one is dependent on the factions. For Tech, Romans, Egypt, Persians & Norsemen it is food and for Indian & Magic it is housing space (Magic faction calls it energy, but it’s the same thing). Every unit consumes food or housing space, depending on the unit and the faction. The limit can be increased by producing more farming unit (chicken, cow etc.) or building tents/energy sources to increase housing space.

    Different factions also have different units. For example, Romans do not have any flying unit, but stronger ground units. Egypt starts with a Priest who can summon mummies (allowing user to build military quicker), but they don’t have any artillery, making it hard to go against guard towers. This allows for different game style and new strategies.

    Multiplayer is the most fun part of the game, playing with friends or strangers online. MegaGlest allows you to play with other people, no matter whether they are using Linux, Windows or Mac OSX. As long as everyone has the same version of the game, they can play together!

    Website : Click here.

  33. Machinarium
  34. A very beautiful game that will take you back to your childhood days playing monkey island and full throttle. The puzzles are not that difficult as you are only allowed to move within small areas so items and objectives are easy to see. I was trying too hard with some puzzles as more information was given than needed to complete them. Also most of the puzzles are very similar, in that you look at a control panel on the wall and have to move lights/beads from A to B in a certain way. The main gripe would be the control system, you’re only allowed to interact with items that are close to you. If you’re used to other game controls you’ll constantly try to click objects with inventory items halfway across the screen and find nothing happening. Walking can be very annoying too. You can extend the robots body and when he is tall he walks very slow. One thing for sure is you will love the game completely. Even with certain control limitations, it was very refreshing to play the adventure genre again. The graphics are just right, comedy is great and the storyline albeit light will keep you wanting to know more about the situation you are in.

    Website : Click here.

  35. Doom 3
  36. The graphics and sound is amazing. And I mean AMAZING! The shadows and reflections, the textures, the demonic howls and everything else really feels like you are there. The atmosphere is fantastic, and the many dark rooms are really cool at first, but then they do start to get a bit annoying. If you’re just the type of gamer who wants to walk through the game and take in the sights and sounds, too bad. Even on easy, enemies take several bullets to go down. The normal hand to hand zombies are easy but once you start fighting faster, ranged enemies, it will get quite hard if you’re not experienced with shooters, especially since it is usually hard to see. If you’re used to FPS games, Doom 3 is not going to give you too many headaches.

    Website : Click here.

  37. Quake 4
  38. Quake 4 is another science fiction FPS that picks up where Quake 3 left off. This game’s graphics is exceptional! The game is somewhat like Doom 3 at times with the dark vents and corners. And yes your flashlight is on your gun. Gamespot said that the story was just deep enough to keep you interested in what will happen next. I found it to be a bit more immersible. Your character doesn’t say anything but all those guys around you will completely distract you from that fact. You really feel like you’re a part of something in this game. The story has been found to be shallow by some people but that part is pretty much up to you. However there is a major twist in the story. I won’t ruin it for you but it is definitely the most shocking story twist you will ever see. The AI, which is really good, helps you along the way as you get even more immersed into the experience. Multiplayer is fun and traditional. Its mainly quake 3 with better graphics and a couple of new maps and one new weapon which is the dark matter gun. IT OWNS!

    Website : Click here.

  39. Quake Live
  40. Basically the remake of Quake 3 so don’t expect too many new things from it. However, the little tweaks of Quake Live with the game system is marvelous. The game play is generally the same with Quake 3 but with apparent playing style changes because of these tweaks. The good things, like the great fast tempo of Quake 3 and the emphasis on moving and thinking, besides shooting, are preserved. Faster rocket speed, weaker rail gun, new spawn system made the game more favorable to aggressive players and is much more balanced. New visual effects make the graphics of the game acceptable even nowadays, almost 11 years after the release of Quake 3. The new hitbeep and other little things make the game very pleasant for competitive play. The tier system makes players of different level able to enjoy the game. More can be done to make this game even better, but now it is already a brilliant piece and will easily kill your spare time.

    Website : Click here.

  41. Revenge Of The Titans
  42. The graphics are retro and cute, the gameplay engaging, and the difficulty punishing. Revenge Of The Titans is a nice twist on the ever-more-stale tower defense game, where your defenses are far from invincible and your management strategy necessarily hands-on rather than watch-and-wait. It’s rewarding if at times nailbiting, and you will find yourself switching to a lower difficulty to figure out levels and then replaying them back at normal just because the waves of enemies can be so brutal. Adding to the problem is a tech tree with a zillion options but little guidance as to where to actually go, which will have you more or less brute-forcing everything rather than trying to craft any sort of intricate strategy, which is usually more fun!

    Website : Click here.

  43. Shadowgrounds Survivor
  44. Very fun little action game. The graphics are a step up from the previous game and look pretty darn good for an indie developer. It has fast-paced action and a serviceable storyline for people not looking for a lot of epic storytelling or tons of depth. It’s pretty standard space opera fare, but that doesn’t mean that it is not truly enjoyable. Voice acting and dialog are cheesy and fun, exactly what you’ll want from a game that lets you play out a cheesy sci-fi action movie. The addition of physics is a nice touch. The RPG-like system of character upgrades is back in full force and incredibly fun. Overall, a great action game for people looking for a nice diversion for a few hours. Don’t pick it up looking for the best game ever made and you won’t be disappointed.

    Website : Click here.

  45. BEEP
  46. This game involves controlling a robot with the keyboard and mouse in a 2D world. The world contains physics which allow you to move many objects around the environment with a grappling gun that the robot has. The robot also has a gun that can shoot enemies. This gun features auto-lock so once you are in range and hover over an enemy it will lock on and you can jump around without having to re-aim. The autolock works through ledges but you can’t shoot or be shot through the ledges. The controls are spot on. One nice feature is you can move the mouse to the edge of the screen to see ahead which allows you to view enemies that are coming up before they get in range to attack you. The requirements for the game do seem high but as stated by the developer on Steam forums, the physics require some optimization.

    This game deserves to succeed and is more complete than a lot of other indie games on Steam. Moving from level to level uses a quirky space ship flying around which you control to the next level by using the mouse and keyboard. This seems a little unnecessary but adds to the quirkiness of the game and does make use of the physics for gravity on the levels as you fly around them. BEEP doesn’t support controllers but the controls are very well implemented for keyboard and mouse so you probably won’t need your game pad.

    Website : Click here.

  47. Globulation 2
  48. It is a small and fast-paced RTS minus the micromanagement. For example, you tell the game that you want ten workers on the construction-site, rather than telling a worker to get their asses over to the site. There is a custom-game mode, a great tutorial, campaign-mode and LAN/Online gaming-mode. You can also create your own maps, and those who are good at C++ can do their own bots/AIs.

    The game is pretty normal, except the nonexistent micromanagement. You gather resources, build a colony, upgrade units and buildings, destroy other civilizations, build empires, etc. There are only a handful of types of units namely workers, warriors, and explorers. They can be upgraded to walk faster, hit harder, work more effectively and even swim by to construct buildings like School, Pool, Racetrack, Barracks and so on. The units are all globules. They look a bit like clay. They are supposedly built by five clay-balls, connected with four clay sticks. One ball is the body, two are the arms and the remaining two are the feet.

    Website : Click here.

  49. Braid
  50. This game is superb! From the minute you start it up you can tell you are definitely going to enjoy the game. First and foremost this game is unique, each puzzle is different from the last, and different from the next. The developer didn’t recycle puzzles through the levels which is nice. The visuals on the game are wonderful as well, as they have a rather whimsical look to them which adds to the somewhat fairytale theme the game has going on. The music in the game is marvelous as well. If you like unique platformer games with a good sense of style that takes a fair bit of brain power to solve, then you definitely want to be playing Braid. The only complaint you might have is that the length of the game does not live up to your expectation. It takes about an average of 5 hours to beat, which really isn’t bad although when you have a game this good you want it to go on forever. So in short, play it!

    Website : Click here.

  51. World Of Goo
  52. This game is brilliant! It will strike emotions in you that most mainstream games never can do. World of Goo is more emotional than Heavy Rain, and the weird thing is that the story isn’t really that structured. It really is just stuff happening, but I think that the music had a lot to do with it. The Sign Painter’s signs are probably one of the best parts of the game too. Reading those signs always adds a bit of humor, and sometimes it even adds some bits of other emotions, like hopelessness and despair. World of Goo has solid gameplay although the levels can become a bit difficult but a calm head can get you through it. If you really can’t beat a level, you can skip it and do it later. It’s not based on luck solely, there’s a lot of strategy to this game!

    Website : Click here.

  53. OpenTTD
  54. Essentially the object of OpenTTD is to build a transportation network using buses, planes, rail, or boats. The user can chose whatever course of action they want. Some scenarios exist where a player must meet certain arbitrary goals, however, in a typical game the goal is simply to survive as a company and make money. Luckily, that isn’t hard to do, meaning you have a lot of time to mess around with your transportation system. Each form of transit picks up cargo that has a delivery value that declines over time. Thus, a carload of passengers will have an initial value of X, but X declines over time. The way to make money is to deliver cargo over distance which reduces the decline in the value of delivering a good. There are numbers, there are graphs. In short, it’s fiendish. And this is where micromanagement comes into play. The more efficiently your transportation resources move, the more money you make. Cargo sitting idle is money down the drain.

    Website : Click here.

  55. Spiral Knights
  56. You won’t have to spend a cent and still get to fight the final boss, with end game armor. This is also one of the very few free to play games that mean it. CE or Crystal Energy, is needed to craft and go into dungeons. In most free to play games you would HAVE to pay real money to get stuff like this. In spiral knights you can buy it with crowns (money earned in game). Yes it might take you a lot longer than someone who dropped $10, but it is free. The game itself is an old school Zelda meets dungeon crawler MMO. It’s really pretty confusing to start with as there is a lot to take in. But once you get the hang of things and know how to work the Auction house to make a profit, you can play this game pretty much non stop!

    Website : Click here.

  57. Chicken Invaders 4 : Ultimate Omelette
  58. Those who have played Chicken Invaders 3 can start uninstalling their old version and get Chicken Invaders 4: Ultimate Omelette! The difference is like from night to day. The graphics is stunning and it has beautiful music on every level. There are new sets of weapons, more challenging rounds and unlike the past versions, the Big Boss is not going down easy. It takes a certain amount of decent skill to defeat the Big Boss. I can guarantee you that it’ll be so addictive that when you play it for the first time, you’ll be holding your bladder until you have passed on to the next level!

    Website : Click here.

  59. OpenClonk
  60. OpenClonk is a free multiplayer action game where you control clonks, small but witty and nimble humanoid beings. The game is mainly about mining, settling and fast-paced melees. OpenClonk is also not just a game but also a versatile 2D game engine that offers countless possibilities to make your own mods.

    Website : Click here.

  61. The Clockwork Man : Hidden World
  62. The Clockwork Man : Hidden World is a stunning piece to look at, and the artwork will capture you in every scene. Even the character portraits are nicely done, with subtle animations that help convey emotion or just add an extra flourish to the picture. You’ll find a lot of living things in the environments as well, like birds perched on reeds or squirrels nibbling on acorns. That, along with the interactive scrolling, help pull you in to the game’s world an extra step. The Clockwork Man 2 never tells you exactly what to do next, but it’s always easy to figure out what needs to be done. For this reason, the challenge is somewhat lacking, though not so much that you’ll never get stuck. Better than the original, and a solid hidden object/adventure game in its own right, The Clockwork Man : The Hidden World is one of those dependable games that deserves a space on your game shelf.

    Website : Click here.

  63. Prey
  64. A good all round FPS. The doom 3 graphics engine looks as nice as ever and the sound for weapons, creatures, etc are nicely done. The gameplay is very good with the basic puzzles breaking up the combat nicely. However there are some truly cliche moments in the plot and some may feel this game has little to offer in the way of a challenge as you effectively can’t die. All of this taken into account, it is still highly recommended.

    Website : Click here.

  65. Atom Zombie Smasher
  66. Part tower defense, part RISK style strategy, all mixed into a great retro style set during the zombie apocalypse. Graphics are minimalistic but well presented and effective. The feeling is more of a 50’s sci-fi monster movie with a WW2 style backdrop. Gameplay is polished and smooth. Cutscenes are done as a kind of moving comic vignette, which you can watch as it progresses or skip through at your own pace. There are lots of options for how you play the game as well. You can choose just how hard the game is with lots of items rather than the traditional “easy, medium, crazyhard” choices. You can turn on and off upgrades, or speed of zombies, or environmental factors like daylight length that affects gameplay. The ability to really customize your game experience adds a lot to the fun factor. Another thing that adds to this is that you aren’t needlessly punished for a slip up.

    Levels are each pretty bite sized, so if you fail a mission you know quickly. Not only does it let you keep playing if you want, but when you restart, you can have it maintain your placement of resources so you don’t have to do it again or choose to redo it. No loading screens, no extra information if you don’t want. Just right back into the action. The way this is done is nearly perfect. This game is about having fun. The developers obviously had that in mind when they made the game. “Push the fun and everything else will follow”.

    Website : Click here.

  67. Conquest : Divide and Conquer
  68. Conquest : Divide and Conquer reduces the commonly complex strategy genre into its basic elements, and the result is a usually entertaining game. The game’s focus is on adept territory control, promoted by the combat calculations that favor using correct counters as opposed to simply massing lots of units together. Missiles, which can be called in to instantly destroy all units on any tile are dangerous so make sure that you are constantly on the move in an unending search for the next available city to conquer. Drop pods also allow you to sneak behind enemy lines, requiring everyone to keep an eye on their flanks as the games progress. The game features a solid options list: an online server browser and custom rules for games on random maps supporting up to eight players. Moving the game’s three units around is very tedious, though, and almost makes playing Conquest a chore. The game is a bit too fluid, resulting in longer games that should have been finished long ago, but that does allow for teams to come from behind, which I suppose results in more entertaining games. While Conquest might lack the depth of rival strategy games, the reduced mechanics do work well for quick online competitions.

    Website : Click here.

  69. Frogatto
  70. Frogatto is an old-school platformer starring a charismatic frog and lots of running and jumping. Though the control scheme isn’t perfect, the game itself oozes classic charm and presents a surprisingly satisfying platforming experience. In Frogatto, you lead your amphibious character through a series of challenges. Mostly, you’ll be helping the townsfolk with various tasks that range from cleaning up some ants to saving the entire village! Frogatto is far from defenseless: he can run, jump, ground-pound, and swallow his enemies with his tongue. Much like Yoshi, Frogatto’s tongue sucks up enemies. You can’t kill them that way, however; you’ve got to spit them out, firing them at either an enemy (which kills them) or the ground (which stuns them, leaving them vulnerable to a ground-pound).

    The 30 levels are varied and fun, with plenty of interesting tricks, moving platforms, wall-kick areas, and pretty much everything else you’d expect from a 2D platformer. Enemies pack a lot of variety, too, and the boss battles are creative. The dialogue provides a welcome bout of humor, though the story is simple. Graphics and sound are great, too: the pixel art is lovingly rendered, and it really gives this modern game a classic feel. All in all, Frogatto is a platformer with an old-school style, a lovable character, and some great level designs.

    Website : Click here.

  71. Teeworlds
  72. Teeworlds is a fast-paced 2d sidescrolling multiplayer-only shooter that features cartoon-themed graphics plus physics and relies heavily on classic shooter weaponry and gameplay. In the game, you roleplay a Tee, a cute ball who carries around various weaponry and a hook, allowing some Spiderman like movement. Overall, the gameplay is simply really fun. The pacing is extremely well done and the movement is pretty intuitive. The gameplay of this independant game can compete with bigger and expensive productions in terms of fun and innovation. What sets Teeworld apart from other sidescroller games is it’s huge focus on mobility, it’s innovative use of the grappling hook and it’s weaponry. The instant respawn is also well implemented as it keeps you right in the action.

    Having weapons and clicking fast isn’t everything in this game: due to the ammo being relatively slow and the liberty the grappling hook offers, evading bullets can be done. In a fight between more experienced players, the Tees will usually move at a speed that makes hitting the opponent a matter of good timing and prediction. The graphics are well done and are easy for the eyes. Overall, they add to the fluidity of the game. The sound effects are decent, but unless the map is crowded it doesn’t really make up for the lack of background music.

    Website : Click here.

  73. Hedgewars
  74. The core principle of the Hedgewars is so clear and easy that it’s almost too simple to work. If in the Worms series there were two teams of worms facing each other with all sorts of weapons, on various maps, in Hedgewars, the enemies are obviously hedges. There are four major modes to be played. The first one is a quick game where a match is started, on a random map between the player and the computer. Then there is multiplayer, either with other players on the same computer, or with others on the Internet, a campaign mode and a training mode where players can hone their skills.

    The multiplayer mode is by far the most complex part. Here, players can choose from a ton of options, like which map to use (there are almost 40 predefined maps to use), choose to use a randomise option, a feature which insures that no one is too familiar with the terain and that no one gets an unfair advantage. Also, the types of gameplay can be changed as there are a few available: normal, capture the flag, no jumping and random weapon. The game and weapon schemes can also be completely edited, changes ranging from modifying the timer on the grenade, to how many types of ammo are dropped in a match.

    Hedgewars is an amazing game and it’s no wonder that is one of the most downloaded and highest rated titles from Ubuntu Software Center.

    Website : Click here.

  75. Unknown Horizons
  76. Unknown Horizons is an open-source real-time colony-building economic simulation and strategy game, loosely based on the game 1602 A.D. As usual in this type of game, you start off with few people or resources: it’s just you, your trusty ship and a cluster of nearby islands. This unhappy situation doesn’t have to last for every long, though, because in very little time you can build cities on the islands and begin to make money.

    Much of the game is about how you manage these cities. You’ll need the right balance of residential areas and industrial estates, for instance, while organizing your resources to ensure that everyone gets fed and you’ve room for growth. But of course you’re not alone. There are indigenous people on the islands, as well as competitors busily building their own empires. You can take the peaceful route, trade with them, negotiate non-aggression pacts for the greater good or you might prefer to kill them all. It’s really your call.

    And while you’re juggling all that, don’t forget to keep exploring, find new islands with valuable resource deposits before your neighbors do: it could be the difference between defeat and victory. It’s very much a work in progress, but Unknown Horizons is already a lot of fun to play, especially for fans of city-building or economy simulation games.

    Website : Click here.

  77. Dead Cyborg
  78. Dead Cyborg begins as all old-school adventure games should, with zero set-up or exposition. Immediately upon departing the title screen, players step in to the shoes of the mystery protagonist. Throughout the course of the adventure, you will slowly unravel the secrets of your identity and discover the events which led to the dystopian setting you find yourself in. This being the first chapter in a three-part series, many questions are not resolved over the 2-3 hours needed to complete the episode. Fortunately, the sci-fi steampunk setting is well-realized and goes a long way in bringing a healthy dose of unique personality to the game.

    Some of the game’s puzzles are a bit tricky, but most simply require using an item you’ve obtained at the appropriate location. There are also a handful of challenges that are built around remembering clues scattered around the game world. You might want to have pen and paper or WordPad handy during your adventure, or you might find yourself hopelessly stuck.

    Website : Click here.

  79. And Yet It Moves
  80. Though this game doesn’t attempt many new things, what it does, it does perfectly. The levels are well designed, it has a very unique art style, and very simple, yet ambient sound. The puzzles are clever and rewarding, and the pacing and distancing of the checkpoints in the game is just right, and ensures that you never get frustrated, but it never feels too easy.

    Website : Click here.

  81. Battle for Wesnoth
  82. Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based strategy game where you can build up a great army, gradually turning raw recruits into hardened veterans. In later games, recall your toughest warriors and form a deadly host against your enemies. You get to choose units from a large pool of specialists, and hand-pick a force with the right strengths to fight well on different terrains against all manner of opposition. Your goal is to fight to regain the throne of Wesnoth, of which you are the legitimate heir, or use your dread power over the Undead to dominate the land of mortals, or lead your glorious Orcish tribe to victory against the humans who dared despoil your lands, etc. Wesnoth has many different sagas waiting to be played out. Also, you can create your own custom units, and write your own scenarios or even full-blown campaigns!

    Website : Click here.

  83. Vendetta Online
  84. Vendetta Online remains a true diamond in terms of gameplay, survivability, and fun. There is no other gaming experience that has come close to reproducing the effect that Vendetta Online’s multiplayer space twitch combat deftly inspires. The company, Guild Software, also deserves applause for their dedication and vision in bringing this experience to users in the face of overwhelming odds, and for their honesty and innovation in maintaining and developing their remarkable end product. This game is highly recommended to anyone with an interest in coruscating and intuitive combat in a rich and believable world.

    Website : Click here.

  85. Second Life
  86. Second Life is user created. 99.9% of what you see in world was made by a member. There is no game to Second Life but there are many games in Second Life. Anything you can dream, you can build. Secondlife is the closest thing to the metaverse you will ever see. No the graphics aren’t cutting edge, but the creativity and imagination behind what you find in the world is top notch. It’s not for everyone, but you will never know if it is for you until you try it. And even if it may turn out to be not what you expected, Second Life gives you the tools to make it what you want it to be!

    Website : Click here.

  87. Warsow
  88. Warsow is a lot, I mean A LOT of fun! It’s very fast-paced, giving the impression that you’re racing around and fraggin’, doesn’t need an expensive video card to play, comes with both single player and multiplayer support and offers many interesting modes beside the well-known ones. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, don’t hesitate to do it now!

    Website : Click here.

  89. Frozen Bubble
  90. Frozen Bubble features 100 levels and includes a level editor. Like many popular free software/open source games, it features penguins a la Tux, who in this game shoot the coloured frozen bubbles to form groups of the same colour. Such groups disappear and the object is to clear the whole screen in this way before a bubble passes a line at the bottom. You can also challenge other players online or through LAN and post up high scores when you are done!

    Website : Click here.

  91. Warzone 2100
  92. An amazing game! Though old, this game was revolutionary. Its passing was quick and has been left without any attention. But which real time strategy game allows you to build you own tanks? Have unlimited upgrades? Build your own planes? Build your own bases with a LARGE array of buildings and defenses? Warzone 2100 can. Plus for 1999 graphics it isn’t too shabby!

    Website : Click here.

  93. Battle Tanks
  94. Battle Tanks is a vintage style game in which you drive a tank and lift up weapons to blow up enemies. The multicolored graphics and the trouble-free usage make the game more alluring and the weapons accessible with the game make it more interesting. When you are beginning the game, a start window with three subsections appears. In the first section, you will get a choice for different scenarios and once you select the scenario, the respective map comes into the screen with a brief description. If you click on the map, you will get a larger version of the scenario. From the next Players section, you can choose the number of players and the weapons they require. You can select a maximum of four players and can play the game on your own or against someone else by selecting the split screen option. The utter fun and simple graphics make Battle Tanks the game to play when you have extra time to spare on your computer.

    Website : Click here.

Did I forget to include your favourite? Let me know!