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29 Of The Most Wicked Tux The Linux Penguin Images

Tux the penguin. The official mascot for Linux. It was originally drawn by Larry Ewing but later branched out into different designs by many different people. Below are 32 of the coolest images of Tux pictures mostly as either a bully or a tattoo on hot mamas. Some of the tux images below would make a great wallpaper. =)

  1. Confused
  2. See No evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
  3. Tux Wars
  4. Violent Tux
  5. Thirsty Tux
  6. Tux The Gangster
  7. Tux On The Tummy
  8. Tux On The Heart
  9. Tux On Hips
  10. Partially Hidden Tux
  11. Tux On Santa Rina
  12. Shoulder Tux
  13. Spaghetti Strap Tux 2
  14. Tux In Kill Bill
  15. Tux At The Privates
  16. Cute Tux Triplets
  17. Tux Quadruplets
  18. Think Tux
  19. Jumping Tux
  20. Tux In School
  21. Urinating Tux
  22. Tux In The Matrix
  23. Baby Tux
  24. Tux In Shoes
  25. Tux Sleeping
  26. Ninja Tux
  27. Tux The Apple
  28. Tux Infected
  29. DJ Tux

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