Top 10 Windows XP Themes And Visual Styles


Sick of blue and green? Wanna change your XP themes and visual styles to something cooler? Well here are 10 of the COOLEST visual styles around the web. All you need is WindowBlinds and walla~ you can use any one of the highly rated themes below. Heck, you can even use all 10 themes! Have fun!

(Click on the link at the lower right of the pictures for a bigger screenshot)

  1. Vienna XP
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    High contrast wallpapers go well with this skin as it blends in well with the transparency features. It’s just so cool!

  3. Vista Perfection X4
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    One of the most beautiful Vista skins for XP. Assembled by Kayeirene.

  5. MoonFlower 3.0
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    This one looks a lot like the second one. Also put together by Kayeirene.

  7. Jadaero 1.2
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    This nice, clean theme is made possible by Flahorn.

  9. Eminence
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    This theme is dark ashed crystal styled with 4 different substyles. The brilliant work of rjsmith.

  11. Novum OS Final
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    Wow. Has its own throbber, special sidebar effects, special 2 layer support and slight but slick transparency everywhere you look. Da man behind this theme is da-flow.

  13. Glitch
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    2 words describe this theme best. Brilliantly simple. Great piece of work by OmART.

  15. Prototype
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    Prototype is a high contrast gray scale skin with orange highlights by Uladk.

  17. Thalos WB
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    The start menu is compact, the icons are so, so, so cool and it has super cool transfer file animation. All made possible by -kol.

  19. Delta
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    2 words for this. Absolutely smooth! Another devious creation by OmART.


29 thoughts on “Top 10 Windows XP Themes And Visual Styles”

  1. You should make it clear that Windowblinds is needed for these themes and that Windowblinds is a program that has a price. Shame on you for leaving out this important detail. Tisk tisk.

  2. Beautiful collection. I’ve been a Novum OS fan for some time now… I think I’ve got some more to play with 🙂 Thanks!

  3. ‘Prototype’ one of the best 10?
    I dont think so ! He cant even get the fonts right – they look glitchy and horrible BIG time !!

    1. i have download [Eminece_by_rjsmith2.wba] and i dont know how to install ? please tell me how to install and [THANKS]

  4. Actually…
    They may, in fact, be themes for windowblinds… but keep in mind that many of the people who post for windowblinds also post their visual styles on other sites. For anyone who doesn’t know, you can apply a patch and ‘stick it to the man’ to apply the visual styles yourself. The patch can be found in many places as well as visual styles.

    As far as this particular article goes, these are very nice styles… for grayscale styles. But if you’re looking to match your favorite color… or a custom case, check out some COLOR. Because changing xp is fun… but it’s not as much fun if it doesn’t REALLY stand out.

  5. the themes are great but i cant install it to my windows xp sp 2 huhuhuh =( how can i obtain those cool themes help me pls

  6. In my thought these themes are for WindowsBlind 5.1 or higher! That’s why no one of those work without that program, I installed it once and It cause nothing more than problems.

  7. how the hell i install those?? they are in .WBA format… i’m familiar with win visual ..bla bla bla format.. help mee :O love Jadaero theme

  8. Cool Theme Bro!
    Thanks A Lot
    I Was Looking For Other Great Themes
    And Because OF You, My Computer IS Cooler Than Before
    Thanks Alot

    btw if all of you want to know how to install windows blind ver 6.0
    FULL and FREE
    just e-mail me okay?

  9. hi guy’s..this is all for windowblinds software..i’m from iran.we have never pay for softwares.we have all free.i’m so glad to being in iran.

    1. You are so lucky living in Iran! Well you can keep all your free pirated software, your corrupt government, you faceless women, and all that other good stuff. Actually, I just read up on your politics and I wouldnt even know where to start they are so fubar. The sad part is that they convince you guys that you have a constitution. ROFL! Your leader is called the “SUPREME COMMANDER” (and i’m not making up these words) The Supreme Leader appoints the head of Iran’s judiciary, who in turn appoints the head of the Supreme Court and the chief public prosecutor. So basically, he puts all his friends or people who paid him a fortune in office. And yes technically he can be voted out of office at any time but that has never happened. LIke ever. Like in all of history it has never hap end. Not once.

      So you know what, ENJOY YOUR PIRATED SOFTWARE! made my the blood and sweat of american software engineers (who bleed mountain dew, fyi) and packaged by 14 year old children in china or tibet depending on staration factors.

      I really hope you like that free software.

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