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10 Major Differences Between Linux And Windows

Both Linux and Windows are operating systems. An operating system is the most important program that runs on a computer. Every general-purpose computer must have an operating system to run other programs. Operating systems perform basic tasks, such as recognizing input from the keyboard, sending output to the display screen, keeping track of files and directories on the disk, and controlling peripheral devices such as disk drives and printers.

  1. Reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome
  2. When linux is properly installed, there no longer a need to use the mouse. Chances of you using a mouse is close to zero.

  3. Use the extra cash for rewards
  4. Linux is 100% free while Windows Vista Ultimate costs $398.99 at the time of writing. Companies that pay a licensing annually could have used the money for other things like buying an additional server to reduce the load or even give a bigger bonus to its loyal employees.

  5. Formats are free, freedom is preserved
  6. Linux file formats can be accessed in a variety of ways because they are free. Windows on the other hand makes you lock your own data in secret formats that can only be accessed with tools leased to you at the vendor’s price. “What we will get with Microsoft is a three-year lease on a health record we need to keep for 100 years”

  7. Zero risk in violating license agreements
  8. Linux is open source so you are unlikely to violate any license agreement. All the software is happily yours. With MS Windows you likely already violate all kinds of licenses and you could be pronounced a computer pirate if only a smart lawyer was after you. The worldwide PC software piracy rate for 2004 is at 35%. Which means that 3 out of 10 people are likely to get into real trouble.

  9. Transparent vs Proprietary
  10. MS Windows is based on DOS, Linux is based on UNIX. MS Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI) is based on Microsoft-own marketing-driven specifications. Linux GUI is based on industry-standard network-transparent X-Windows.

  11. Better network, processing capabilities
  12. Linux beats Windows hands down on network features, as a development platform, in data processing capabilities, and as a scientific workstation. MS Windows desktop has a more polished appearance, simple general business applications, and many more games for kids (less intellectual games compared to linux’s).

  13. Customizable
  14. Linux is customizable in a way that Windows is not. For example, NASlite is a version of Linux that runs off a single floppy disk and converts an old computer into a file server. This ultra small edition of Linux is capable of networking, file sharing and being a web server.

  15. Flexibility
  16. Windows must boot from a primary partition. Linux can boot from either a primary partition or a logical partition inside an extended partition. Windows must boot from the first hard disk. Linux can boot from any hard disk in the computer.

  17. Mobility
  18. Windows allows programs to store user information (files and settings) anywhere. This makes it impossibly hard to backup user data files and settings and to switch to a new computer. In contrast, Linux stores all user data in the home directory making it much easier to migrate from an old computer to a new one. If home directories are segregated in their own partition, you can even upgrade from one version of Linux to another without having to migrate user data and settings.

  19. Proven Security
  20. Why isn’t Linux affected by viruses? Simply because its code has been open source for more than a decade, tested by people all around the world, and not by a single development team like in the case of Windows. This leads to a lightning fast finding and fixing for exploitable holes in Linux. So that my friends, proves Linux as having an extremely enhanced security and lesser chances of exploits compared to Windows.

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wow….such succinct points…..i like it.

and the number ten thing. simple. its because your H2 tags are wrapping around the LI(list-item) tags.

it must be the other way round. w3c specs tell us that LI elements can only have UL or OL elements as there parent element.

put the H2 inside the LI and restructure your CSS to put the padding on the LI instead of the H2 if this is the case.

try that and feel free to email if you would like more detail on fixing it.

How often actually Linux update? Compare it to how often viruses update? I somewhat think that Viruses were created by these Linux user to attack Windows? LOL~! Anyway, Linux is very limited on the program most people use daily lor, that’s why Windows still leading.

airtonix : yeah. thanks a lot. i fixed the issue by increasing the padding for ‘ol’

Jim : you are right. i chose 10 to maximize easy readability. =)

wong : yeah. generally, windows is weaker than linux so it’s a sort of a game when linuxers exploit windows. you are right about the availability of programs. I guess it’s because Microsoft leads by advertising and marketing whereas linux lacks the exposure.

i want more difference between linux and microsoft operating system.
its very urgent.
plz send the answers very soon.


Number 1 i can certainly agree with.
My own Carpals Tunnel has been virtually dormant since discovering Ubuntu 10 months ago. The 4 previous months with Windows was bloody torture though…… the Carpals Tunnel was worse too.

As a late newcomer to this crazy world of computers last year the biggest differnce for me has been the fact that with Linux i can actually learn how to USE a computer instead of just learning how to keep one usable all the time.

Well, I disagree with the title, you should’ve called your post, “10 things that make linux better than windows”, maybe linux is better than windows, but windows is a standard, 90% of the computers of the world use it, so the other software and hardware companies do their software and hardware to work with win, I installed ubuntu, but I had a lot of problems with my mouse and keyboard, so I decided to get back with the standard, windows, where all my hardware is supported, the funniest part is that my hardware stop working on ubuntu right after i updated it :S.

Hey Wong, I thing you´re just plain WRONG:
[quote]How often actually Linux update? Compare it to how often viruses update? I somewhat think that Viruses were created by these Linux user to attack Windows? LOL~! Anyway, Linux is very limited on the program most people use daily lor, that’s why Windows still leading.[/quote]

First of all, do you have any experience with any Linux distro?, I think not, because if you had you would know that it doesnt need to update that often as your precious Window$ or any AV program, it’s a stable and well planned OS; by the way, not all Linux user spend time creating virus, also window$ and MAC user do it, but thanks to geeks that were using Linux and Unix you have many thing taken for granted, as the Internet.

Second, many programs for normal user, as you, exist on Linux (and with more features and quantity), take the simple M$ Office, there is OpenOffice, StarOffice, Lotus, AbiSuite, Corel WordPerfect Office, Koffice, GnomeOffice, as you can see there are A LOT of programs for the daily use and do not get me started in many other applications.

Microsoft provides users to easy management and easy use. Windows is more simple and easier than linux. A windows-home user doesn’t need to use CMD in whole life. But in linux, you should use. Windows is always better than linux 😉 Because They think and they listen customers and give full support.

7 years on Linux. I’ll probably (and hopefully) never get back to Windows.

Microsoft easy? Microsoft hides to the user the real OS behind Windows. That is why it looks easy for many users. A good desktop in Linux is as good as desktop in Windows, and it’s better, because you can CHOOSE from a lot of desktops, but in windows you are stuck with the default desktop. It’s just a question of getting used to it.

can you tell me the technical difference between Linux OS vs Microsoft OS please ?

why companies used Linux Server in combination with server 2008 R2 ?

Both windows OS and Linux are just cool, its just that you are used to the type of OS you use so you think that the other is no cool. for example Linux does not get attacked by viruses which is good (you do not need to purchase antiviruses) and for windows its user friendly even if you are new to the computer thin, you can still operate the computer. so for me they are both cool.

Hey what’s that stupid war between the OS….. Everyone is free to use whatever he wants…. and posts like this one wouldn’t make anyone to use linux or windows…..

All in all, I think Linux is much easier to use than Windows, of any version. Instead of saying “oh man, windows is so much less complicated!”, imagine what things would be like if you had grown up using Linux instead of Windows. You probably would resist change then, too. I have to admit that I’ve heard of a few windows users (including me) switching to Linux, but not a single Linux user switching to Windows. Although, now that I think about it, all the extra options you have with Linux would, by definition, make it more complicated. That may be true, using a saw, screwdriver, hammer, and pliers is more complicated than using a screwdriver by itself. But isn’t it so much easier to have the tool for any job already in your toolbox or available for free, instead of making do with just a screwdriver that you’re renting?

Q) compare and contrast two operating systems based on any three of the following topics.

– memory management
– file system
– process management
– deadlocks

Linux is the wonderful security system of the world, it will become a real hero of the Computer world

Linux hands down beats windows in terms of performance. windows, especially vista, take up a huge amount of ram and cpu space. the only problem is that all this extra unused ram and cpu is going to waste on open office etc, A better emulator to play windows games is needed or more companies need to start making games for linux, it’s not a suprise that the os of ps2 and ps3 is a form of linux, performance potential

Knowledge has to be shared……….so we will share it……It is not limited for who has buks………..encourage ” Open source “…….. if u have enough money and want to use windows go for it but dont discourage
“Open source”.

Finally, no doubt Linux Roxxxxx……….in any aspect.

I’m a Post Graduate student…nd i’m going on wit linux coaching…dis 10 important comparisons…increases my knowledge on Most occupied Operating System…very simple and we can surely argue wit in 10 points

Completey new to Linux, why is it if I down load a game it doesnt seem to come up with a file like an exe file to start to load / install the game? Can anyone help please

If you’re using Ubuntu, use the package installers. Or, you could try googling “Cedega”.

To compare Linux and Windows is to bring about a massacre. Linux wipes the floor with Windows. For those who are dedicated windows fans, you MUST realise. Linux IS the future. Using Ubuntu 9.04 as an example, the GUI is a much simpler and user friendly one. It can perform all of Microsoft’s cheap parlour tricks and more. The community is frankly titanic, the willing support, never ending. Its really not like compatibility is an issue any more. When it comes to media, there is nothing windows can out perform Ubuntu in. The only real advantage windows HAD was Ubuntu being unable to use the DirectX graphics library but with Cedega, thats a thing of the past. Any other program can simply be run by Wine. Windows’ reign is over. LONG LIVE LINUX!

Ok, I like linux very much. But I’m dual-booting Ubuntu and Vista in a Asus MV50 laptop.
My experience:
Yes, Vista is much better than XP, if you’ve got the hardware to support it.(Just a remark, all the anti-vista campaign was biased).
Vista is much easier for the end user. It just works. It is less secure, yes.
It’s set in a box, no changing, yes. But normal users dont care. Normal users dont want to spend hours trying to make their nice laptop work with Linux(like I have), just because its hardware is not compatible.
I have my 64-bit Ubuntu finally working with my sound-card. But for some reason, graphics handling is totally horrible. And I have a 1GB video card that works incredibly well in Vista.
Mouse handling is bad. Firefox freezes, mouse disapears, DVD drive stops working and wont open till computer is turned off.
But I like Linux and I’ll stick to it despite all theese problems, with my hardware. What I’m saying isnt “Windows is better than Linux”. Im saying ” Windows works better in my computer than Linux”.
Windows has more support for hardware than Linux. I can get a copy of XP and install it in any computer with the required hardware. But you never know how the outcome will be with Linux.
Funny thing is that as I was writing this, my mouse starts going crazy, firefox freezes, and I have to restart my computer.
I think I’ll start learning how to modify the linux kernel so I can make my hardware compatible, just because I need linux for web development. Long live Linux, and I hope in a near future big software companies will start developing apps for Linux(even if non open-source) so that will speed up the hardware compatibility as pc manufacturers will start producing decent drivers for all pcs around the world. Until then, I’ll have to use Vista for almost everything I use the computer for. And learn Linux as time goes by.
If linux was hardware compatible with the majority of computers, and companies started to develop decent software (not that Linux doesnt have many incredible software, it does, but I prefer Photoshop to Gimp) Linux would be champion. The problem is that Microsoft knows how to do good business deals, they win for that, not for their “superiority in OS”.

Disclaimer: “This is my opinion. I don’t have all the facts right. This is just how I feel about the whole Windows-Linux-battle. And I prefer Linux to Windows, but it simply wont work on my laptop. And the lack Linux versions of the main big softwares doesn’t leave me much options. My dream is to have a fully working version of Ubuntu 64-bit as my main OS. Then use VMware to boot up Windows for games and Windows-only programs.”

P.S: Does runnig games in a VMware installed Windows offer the same results with the video card as running a HD installed Windows?

Long live the Linux Kernel…

Oh, I forgot to mention the whole wireless connection in Ubuntu. It really sucks compared to Vistas wireless management. Im talking about user-friendly superiority, not wireless capabilities. And Ubuntu is at times less user-friendly then Windows.

I like Linux. I have used & installed SuSe, Mandrake, Redhat. Linux is a really nice OS. However, it is mainly for those who want to use an office program, network, and run business type software. It sucks as a gaming platform. I did have SuSe & Win XP Pro set up for dual boot……..
When I really wanted to game, I had to use Win XP most of the time. Cedega, Codeweavers etc. only have about 40 retail games that will load, play without some type of problem being encountered and numerous ‘Work-Arounds’ that don’t usually totally solve the problem. Also, Cedega, Wine & codeweavers are Not Compatible with DirectX 9 or 10. If you don’t believe me just check out the web-sites.
Each OS is just a matter of preference. Since I use Open Office under Windows and can run Any Game with No problem, I guess I’ll stick with Windows for now….. until maybe someday they learn that Linux is a Great OS and will be good for gaming & business.

I agree that Linux is good. Windows on the other hand has been used for a long time, and it’s hard to teach old dogs tricks. Ubuntu is a great linux for beginners who want the easy ‘windows’-feeling though, much easier to install then windows too.

Most programs that you usually use for windows, linux have a similiar one. If linux don’t, it porbably would work with wine though.

Windows < MAC OSX < LINUX < BSD

Linux is great for those who can truly use the Terminal. For a newbie, you have to peck and scratch to get any morsel of knowledge from the Linux community on just basic everyday use commands. Good luck. Those forums are not helpful for a newbie’s problems. I tried to enter commands on Linux Mint Julia and none of the commands I had googled worked. So back to Google and back and back and back again. Finally in one post the guy talked about needing to be on the root level to make the commands work. Where is Dos when you need it? So back to google and back and back and back again, and finally found a post that said to input su, password, and then put in the commands. So I did that and typed in fdisk -l and got a list of the linux drives. That is what I had to do to just find that out. Then I downloaded Firefox 4 and linux put it in some Archive folder and would not install it. Now obviously I have to learn a whole lot more of linux language to even get that installed. How many more hours to find out how to install stuff? As I said, those forums are teases. So now the pesky problem of getting rid of Mint. Tried to fdisk the partitions and Linux would not let me. My recovery Vista dvd’s would not work; linux blocked them. My bootable XP cd would not work; linux blocked it. So this is all out war. I got a nice little program that works really nicely, unlike linux. I nuked it. Linux, as feisty as it was, never had a chance. This program eliminated ALL hardware data, and I mean all. Now I was able to put Vista back on and then upgrade Windows 7. I love Windows 7. I easily downloaded and installed Firefox 4. No muss no fuss. Ease of use is where it is at for the majority of people. Bottom line, Linux has nothing to offer to displace Windows 7 unless you know unix language and can play at will in that open source playground. Most of us do not have the elite knowledge and could care less to have it. So those who love Linux, good — you’ve got the best; to those who are frustrated with Linux, join the real world: MAC or Windows 7.

Oh, by the way, with Linux Julia I went to Gibson’s Shields up and was impressed by Julias stealth. It was total.
Then with Windows 7 I went back and to may amazement, Windows 7 had the exact same result as Julia. The exact same. Both are very secure. Of course Windows has more attackers, so the fight is not even, but I was impressed by Windows 7 being just as stealthy as Linux.

hey guys im just new to computers,im loving it,i want to know the differences between linux and vista
in terms of:
memory management;
Processor management;
Device management;
File management;
User Interface

where do you people get these info from? any validity check? or you just type it in pretending that no one would know that you are lying? yes i said lying. if you are a pro in both sides you should know that there are sites that reports vulnerabilities in OS’s and I don’t want to make decisions for you, see it for yourselves. and please stop these type of bullshits, at least let others know the truth, and let then find their own way.

MS and Linux both has GUI and CLI, so use the one you like. Both systems has differences and as due to people r different, they like different things. so test by yourself, listen to other people but without judging it by yourself don’t believe it.



The absolute most important difference:
In Linux, you will be using the console/terminal every time you need to do something more complicated than using your already installed programs.
In Windows, you will NEVER have to open it. Period. Even in safe mode, even if you’re fixing the computer, it doesn’t matter – there are already real, visual tools to get everything it can do done the right way, right away.

Basically, if Windows and Linux were games, Windows would be a real time 3D game such as the shooters and RPGs that are popular these days, and Linux would be a black screen stating
>eat candle

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