20 Vista Features Worth Mentioning


Vista was launched worldwide on 30th January 2007, ready for downloading and purchasing in Microsoft’s web site. According to the website, Microsoft has added hundreds of new features to the product. I have identified 20 features that I find interesting. Here they are :

1. Windows Aero

windows aero

Stands for Authentic, Energetic, Reflective and Open. It’s a hardware based graphical user interface that is clean and aesthetically pleasing which introduces a new type of transparency, live thumbnails, animations and eye candy.

2. Windows Shell

windows vista shell

A new way of organizing, navigating and searching compared to Windows XP. Windows Explorer’s task pane has been removed, a ‘favourite links’ pane has been added, address bar replaced with breadcrumb navigation system and the start menu no longer uses expanding list boxes.

3. Windows Search

windows vista search

Significantly faster. Search boxes can be found everywhere, especially in applications that come with Vista. Instant Search indexes common folders, however advanced options allow users to specify the search and indexing criteria.

4. Windows Sidebar

windows sidebar

A transparent panel for users to place ‘Desktop Gadgets’.

5. Backup and Restore Center

windows backup and restore center

Schedule periodic file backups automatically. The Complete PC Backup feature backups the entire computer as an image where users are able to automatically recreate machine setup onto a new hardware.

6. Windows Mail

windows mail

Outlook Express replacement that features Phishing Filter and Junk Mail Filtering.

7. Windows Calendar

windows calendar

New look calendar that has task management as well.

8. Windows Photo Gallery

windows photo gallery

Allow users to organize their digital photo collection in its Gallery view, by adding titles, rating, captions, and custom metadata tags to photos.

9. Windows Meeting Space

windows meeting space

NetMeeting replacement application. Share applications or even desktops over the internet.

10. Games


Games have been modified to work with Vista’s capabilities. It will also hold information on other games installed in the computer. You will even see the ESRB rating.

11. Previous Versions

windows vista previous versions

Presents multiple versions of a file throughout a limited history and be allowed to restore, delete or copy those versions.

12. Windows Mobility Center

windows mobility center

Control panel for mobile computing. Control brightness, sound, battery level / power scheme selection, wireless network, screen orientation, presentation settings, etc. from here.

13. Parental Controls

windows vista parental control

Control websites, games and programs for standard users.

14. Windows Sideshow

windows vista sideshow

Enables the auxiliary displays on newer laptops or on supported Windows Mobile devices.

15. Speech Recognition

windows vista speech recognition

Improved version with a redesigned interface, a flexible set of commands, and an command-and-control capability to activate the computer by voice. It works system wide and supports English US and UK, Spanish, French, German, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) and Japanese.

16. Problem Reports and Solutions

windows vista problem reports and solutions

See previously sent problems and any solutions or additional information that is available.

17. System Performance Assessment

windows vista system performance assessment

Vista benchmark used to optimize system performance. Mainly for games to take advantage of. The benchmark tests CPU, RAM, Graphics acceleration (2D and 3D) and disk access.

18. Windows Ultimate Extras

windows ultimate extras

Provides access to extra games and tools. Only found in WIndows Ultimate Edition.

19. Network Map

windows vista network map

Easy to understand visual representation of network connections.

20. Windows Easy Transfer

windows easy transfer

Streamline the migration process of personal data and settings across to Windows Vista.


5 thoughts on “20 Vista Features Worth Mentioning”

  1. The average user doesn’t have the money to fork out for the hardware there! The operating system itself has horrible bugs: for every feature I’ve seen another crash and it becomes damaging to the work environment. Even brand new machines I find need to be downgraded.

    People say “wait for the next service pack” but I say get a real OS and move to Linux. All these features, from the breadcrumb trail to the calendar, photo editing and menu tools have all been standard in other Operating Systems for years.

    This OS is a waste of time, even if the bugs do finally get ironed out.

  2. Windows Search is one reason I will never use Windows Vista. Since it is linked into the kernel it allows anybody with access to my system to search my computer.

    The new Windows Mail is a large leap backwards since it doesn’t support much in the way of HTML.

    As for the Photo Gallery… Why is this here??? This is not a function of an operating system. Guess this is why some of the good stuff is not here!

    Parental Controls are a great thing for parents NOT to use. Parents only need to be parents and teach their children and ’embed’ ‘parental controls’ into their children. Parental controls are just another way for parents to avoid the responsibilities of being parents.

    Most of your list of 20 things consist of fluff and places for bugs. They also consist of resources that were diverted from what Microsoft SHOULD have been doing–Making Windows more stable and more secure.

    As long as people fall for the fluff (that is often available free from other sources–Picassa, Google Desktop Search, Thunderbird, Sunbird, etc) Microsoft will continue to divert resources from what is really important in an operating system.

    Bottom line–You have listed 20 reasons to NOT get Windows Vista! Thanks!

  3. (Kop) You are right actually. However, It’s worth noting that Vista has the capabilities too. And Windows is easier to use for computer newbies.

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