Network Security

Stay Safe While Surfing The Web

I was surfing and came across this great security program that keeps any PC safe from Spyware, Viruses and Adware. You can download, share and run any file or program with complete safety. From what I understand, BufferZone is like another PC inside your PC.

Here’s my example. =P


Most importantly, it provides protection for 3 commonly used applications.

  1. P2P File SHaring (Limewire, Sharaza, utorrent)
  2. Web Browsers (FIrefox, Internet Explorer)
  3. Instant Messaging (Y! Messenger, MSN Messenger)

How do you know if a program or file is protected by BufferZone? Easy. There’ll be a red border around it.


Even programs have a red line. To move a file in and out of BufferZone is easy. Just right click and select the 3 options provided.


Protecting internet applications

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