Types Of Pop-Up Ads

Pop ups. The annoying advertisement method that disrupts your browsing activities. If you are browsing the web with Firefox, Opera, Safari or IE7, most pop-ups are blocked automatically. Below are the 12 pop-up methods that are used by amateurs all over the world wide web to gain traffic and capture email addresses. The link at the end of the post will take you to a pop up tester website.

  1. Multi Pop-Up
  2. The website will launch multiple pop ups upon entering. Different techniques are used.

  3. Come And Go
  4. Pop-ups are launched upon entering and exiting.

  5. Timed Pop-Up
  6. Pop-ups are programmed to launch after a certain amount of time. Normally, 5 seconds.

  7. Mouseover Pop-Up
  8. Just hovering your mouse over a picture or text will trigger the pop-up. No clicks required, just movement.

  9. Floating Pop-Up
  10. This is a pretty annoying type of pop-up. It doesn’t go away until a certain action is accomplished.

  11. Channel Opener
  12. Doesn’t affect Firefox users. This type opens a full-screen channel mode window in IE.

  13. Modeless Window
  14. It will stay at the upper section of the browser until the page is closed.

  15. Full Screen Trap
  16. This is a type of pop-up that opens full screen and doesn’t include any exit button or action. The only way to close it is by pressing Alt+F4.

  17. Drop Down Pop-Up
  18. This type will drop down like a curtain. My Firefox couldn’t stop this.

  19. Floating Banner
  20. You will see an airplane fly the banner across the site.

  21. Chromeless
  22. It is non standard and borderless.

  23. Sticky Pop-Up
  24. Floating pop up that will appear in a corner no matter how high or low you scroll in the webpage. My Firefox couldn’t stop this.

Pop Up Tester
Test how well your pop up blocker is doing

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