Who else wants to prevent click fraud and track PPC clicks?


aaahh… adsense. Everyone’s favourite advertising program. Almost everyone who owns a blog/website has it. After all, anything that generates cash is most welcomed.

For those who aren’t so sure, you might ask, what is adsense?

AdSense is an advertising program run by Google. Website owners enroll in this program to enable text and image advertisements on their sites. These ads are administered by Google and generate revenue on a per-click basis based on website content. Though it’s pretty amazing how certain people can earn 4 figure income in a day through adsense, there are 2 BIG issues that come with it.

  • Click Fraud
  • If you are hated by certain groups for something controversial that you’ve said, you’re dead. There are certain groups of people out there who pick out websites that they disagree with and destroy the webmaster’s adsense income. All that has to be done is to click on the ads multiple times, say for example 100 clicks per person. A group of 3 is already enough to get your site’s adsense suspended.

  • Tracking Visitor Clicks
  • Of course it’s all great when you get clicks, at first. As time goes on, you’d want to improve the content and layout of your site. However, you can’t see who clicked what, where that visitor came from, how many clicks that particular visitor makes, or even which advertisement he clicked on. The only thing that you and I can do in the adsense dashboard is to see the clickthrough rate and how much you’ve earned.

However, the world of adsense publishing became a better place thanks to Trevor Fitzgerald, a 20-year-old student studying Business Administration at Michigan State University, who developed this amazing nifty tool called the ‘Adlogger‘. However, you gotta be able to use FTP to upload the folder to your website.


Guys, if you’re an adsense / YPN freak, you’re gonna love the 16 benefits that come with using the super cool, free, open source, amazing Adlogger.

  1. Track and log when a visitor clicks on one of your AdSense ads
  2. Optionally receive an email after every reported click
  3. Receive an email after every reported multiple click
  4. Secure administrative backend
  5. Know the total number of clicks and the total number of unique visitors that clicked
  6. Know the IP address, hostname, user agent, browser information, operating system of the visitor who clicked on the ad
  7. Determine which advertisment was clicked
  8. Get past click performance for a specific date or range of dates
  9. Find your best performing pages
  10. Custom channels help you monitor which pages are receiving clicks
  11. Block ads for a specific IP address or range of IPs
  12. Automatically block ads for visitors who are clicking too many within a certain time period
  13. Know exactly when, why, and for whom ads were successfully blocked
  14. If AdSense ads are blocked, you can display an alternate advertisement
  15. Code generator page to make installation and setup easySynchronize all of the reporting to Google AdSense server time

You gotta start using it, man. Actually, everyone should. =)

Prevent click fraud & track clicks


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