2 Ways To Recover Data From A Dead Hard Drive Logic Board


One day, as you come home from school or work, turn on your pc and suddenly find a foreign electrical fizzy sound coming from the back of the unit. You immediately turned it off, check all the cables and try turning it on again. You hear more funny sounds and smoke starts coming out of your power supply. Great, a blown psu. You buy a new psu, fix it in but found out that the 160GB hard drive (containing several thousand songs, movies and digital pictures of your family and friends) is not working. You try everything you can but it still won't start. Then you realize, you have a dead hard drive.


Relax, cause there are 2 ways to rectify the problem.

1. Pay for a hard drive recovery service.

This is the easiest and most secure way to recover any data from your drive. Just google for it and you will find many hard drive recovery companies ready to serve you. This option is most suitable for individuals/companies that has lots of sensitive and important information kept in the drive. Money won't be an issue because the most important thing is recovering the months/years of data kept in the drive.

2. Do it yourself

This is will be the choice of home users and students. Lets look at the prices of recovery services and new hard drives.

I googled for "hard drive recovery service price" and only found 1 site willing to give an example pricing of their services. Here's a cutout from their website.

After calculating, the
actual average cost for a 40GBhard drive recovery is about $595. A new
250GB HD in your nearby computer hardware store costs less than $100.
So the average price of recovering data is equals to 6 new drives. Wow.
That's a lot huh.

Anyways, here's the alternative way to revive a burnt out logic board on your hard drive.

  1. Buy the identical hard drive. (remember that it's 6X cheaper than paying for the service)
  2. Unscrew the covers and exchange the logic boards
  3. Aseemble back the old drive and try it.
  4. If it works, borrow a friend's drive and copy over all the files.
  5. After that, switch logic boards and copy the files from your friend's drive to your new drive.
  6. That's it. You've recovered all your songs, movies, pictures from a hard drive with a burnt logic board.

It might seem interesting
to unscrew a hard disk all the way until the magnetic disks and spindle
but exposing it to the air may cause damage.

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