37 Of The Most Admirably Photoshopped Celebrities


Photoshop to the world of images is like what Google is to the world of search engines. There are just too many things you can do with photoshop. One of them is to mash the a face to a different body. Chosen below are 38 GREAT photoshopped images of celebrities that you should take a look at. Remember, all the pictures are not real and are photoshopped for amusement purposes.

  1. If Owen Wilson was a sheriff
  2. Sean Connery the doctor
  3. Ellen Degeneres the happy housewife
  4. Captain Orlando Bloom
  5. Pilot Keanu Reeves
  6. UN Delegate David Letterman
  7. Jim Carrey on ballet with Clinton
  8. Hair spokesman Affleck
  9. Nurse Kournikova
  10. Samuel Jackson the porter
  11. Jack Nicholson the teacher
  12. Snoop Dogg as a police?
  13. Fireman Clooney
  14. Ben Stiller the astronaut
  15. Angelina Jolie in a helicopter
  16. Brick layer DeNiro
  17. Nicholas Cage the border patrol
  18. Police Cruise
  19. Conductor Connery
  20. Bill Clinton the magician
  21. Father Anthony Banderas
  22. Drew Barrymore as a police officer
  23. Nurse Jessica Alba
  24. Sgt. Ryan Seacrest
  25. Harry Potter in the office
  26. />

  27. Will Ferrell the wrestler
  28. Brad Pitt the waiter
  29. Hugh Heffner the pope
  30. Sean Connery the painter
  31. Vin Diesel the garbage collector
  32. Bruce the fireman
  33. Christina Aguilera the sexy maid
  34. Orlando Bloom the soldier
  35. Clooney the butcher
  36. Bill Gates at Apple Centre
  37. Zidane and Materazzi taking it to the ring
  38. When Bruce Lee became a barber

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