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35 SEO Tips Simplified According To Value And Importance

There are many things that you can do to optimize your website for better ranking in search engines. Below are a list of things that anyone can do to rank better. I’d like to imagine search engines using a point system to govern the billions of websites in the universe, giving points for elements and keywords that will help in bringing the most relevant results to searchers. I’ve divided the list into 3 different categories, for better understanding of the importance that each item brings. Important, quite important and very important.

    Very Important

  1. Keywords in < title > tag
  2. Imagine walking down a street with dozens of shops on the left and right, each with a name at the top, wanting to buy a table lamp. The street is busy and as you walk down further, you see a shop with the name of ‘Lights & Lamps’. You walk in, buy that table lamp you’ve been searching for and walk out. Little did you know, the shop next door also sells table lamps but with a cheaper price. You didn’t notice it cause it’s name was ‘Mr Chee’. It’s name sounded more like a restaurant than an electrical store.

    Shop = your site
    Signboard = < title > tag

  3. Keywords in URL
  4. http:// / keywords-in-URL /

    Directory names can help rankings in Google even if competition is competitive although keyword stuffing in URL may contribute to the site being flagged as spam. If the content is of quality and it matches, you’ll have full points for it.

  5. Keyword density in content
  6. Keyword density is the ratio of the word that is being searched for against the total number of words appearing on a given web page. A naturally written document contains a keyword density of at most 10%. It’s one of the simplest way of gaining points in search engine rankings. Chris did it.

  7. Keywords in anchor text
  8. The anchor text of inbound links can be a decisive factor when going after top ranking on extremely competitive search terms. John Chow displayed the power of anchor test when he lured anchor text in the form of contests, though linking for prizes is considered a violation of Google’s terms and conditions.

  9. Keywords in headings
  10. There are six levels of headings from < h1 > (the most important) to < h6 > (the least important). User agents may use headings to construct a table of contents for a document automatically. If the content is of quality and relevance, you’ll have full points for it.

  11. PR of inbound links
  12. In the world of Google, the higher your PR the higher your reputation. Getting an inbound link from a high ranking site will certainly give more value to the inbound link.

  13. Site similarity of inbound links
  14. A hundred related sites linking to yours is more valuable then a thousand unrelated sites. Full points is awarded for relevance and and similarity.

  15. .edu and .gov inbound links
  16. Both top level domains are not sold to the public, hence the value. They don’t expire, are trusted and an inbound link carries much more weight than any other.

  17. Quantity of inbound links
  18. The more the better. It’s like voting. 1 link = 1 vote. All legitimate ones are counted and weighted against link popularity and originating context.

  19. Site accessibility
  20. Just think like a website visitor and your best selling layout is generated in your mind. Improvements include checking browser compatibility, reducing password protected areas, 404 errors and broken links. Getting more pages successfully indexed will earn a site full points in this area.

    Another fundamental issue, which that is often neglected. If the site (or separate pages) is unaccessible because of broken links, 404 errors, password-protected areas and other similar reasons, then the site simply can’t be indexed.

  21. Unique content
  22. Content is king. Wrong.

    Unique, high-quality, unduplicated content is king!

  23. Regular content changes
  24. Frequency of content updating in blogs and websites are becoming of more value to Google than it used to be. The more frequent the content, the more likely others are going to visit your site and find articles that they want to link to, which in turn provides leverage in SERPs. I personally regard frequent content updating as the BEST marketing tool you can ever have in today’s web.

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