Top 11 P2P File Sharing Clients Of 2007


P2P is defined as a computer network that exploits diverse connectivity between participants in a network and the cumulative bandwidth of network participants. It reduces server load and maintains high bandwidth transfer rates. Nowadays, you can get almost anything from P2P. That includes movies, e-books, songs, applications, games and pictures. But before you can do that, you gotta know which P2P file sharing client to use to get the best out of your time. Listed below are 11 of the best, free P2P file sharing clients of 2007 for you to try it if you haven’t. Forget the rest.

  1. Ares Galaxy
  2. Written in delphi, Ares was originally designed for operation on the Gnutella network. Later on in 2003, it switched to its own network of leaves and supernodes which was much more difficult to identify compared to other networks. However, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise when it was the only P2P application that could work on restricted networks like university campuses. Ares also has a hashlink function where it is able to search for peers with files pertaining to a hash and download from them.

    As a conclusion, downloading files is rapid, file organization is as simple as a mouse click, hassles don’t exist, the interface is pretty clean and attractive, it’s so simple to use that there will never be a Complete Idiot’s Guide To Using Ares Galaxy being published because it is already idiot proof. Search response is lightning fast. On a dial-up, you’ll get a heap to select from in a second. Once you’ve selected your download, everything else is automatic. If the user is no longer available, it will find another. If it gets disconnected, it will reconnect by itself.

  3. Azureus
  4. One of the only bittorent clients in the world written in Java that supports I2P and Tor anonymous communication protocols. Azureus is actually the Latin name of the blue poison dart frog reason being that the co-developer, Tyler Pitchford, uses Latin names of poison dart frogs as codenames for his development projects. Message stream encryption is a method of anti throttling supported by Azureus.

    A range of plugins was designed to make using the program easier and to give experienced users more flexibilty and control. The plugins which I would personally recommend are ‘Upload Shaper’ and ‘Ono’. Upload shaper will automatically adjust global upload speed limit based on download speed * factor and Ono will finds nearby peers, which tend to give better transfer rates, and preferentially connects to them.

  5. BitComet
  6. Written in C++, BitComet boasts of many functions including Mainline DHT, protocol encryption, disk cache, port mapping, peer exchange (PEX), UDP NAT traversal. There’s even an embedded internet explorer window for searching torrents within the client.
    Since version 0.90, BitComet has included a plugin to transfer files using the eD2K protocol, which is configured to automatically connect to an eD2K server. What makes it different is the ability to preview media files.

    In versions 0.85 and above, an IFrame displays a page from BitComet’s server that displayes a web search and a single ad on the right side of the client window and Google Toolbar is installed by default.

    Workaround : DISABLE the IFrame in the view menu and CHOOSE not to install the toolbar.

  7. BitSpirit
  8. BitSpirit exceeds expectations. It will not let you down. I swear if this program is developed more it will kill azureus and utorrent.

    Fast, nice-looking, feature-loaded, stable, very light on the system, like as if it’s not there while doing the best that you might imagine. Some BitSpirit’s unique features include automatic import of IPFilter.dat from eMule folder which protects you from various prying eyes and private blacklists. It also anables increasing TCP connections of Win XP SP2 and uses Kademlia DHT network(compatible with uTorrent and mainline) and encrypts connections.

  9. Cabos
  10. Written in REALbasic, Cabos was written based on Limewire and Acquisition. Available on both Macs and Windows. It will find every file you ever wanted and 100% successfully download them. You could check the iTMS if you wanted to purchase tracks, but there won’t be any available. That’s how good Cabos is. Moreover, it is not like Limewire in that you have to buy a PRO version to unluck full searching and download capabilities.

    In addition, it allows you to import your iTunes library if you are so inclined. Thats not the only thing to make iTunes users feel like home as the search results and downloads are presented with an iTunes look, with a varying blue and white lines in a list, iTunes music icons, etc. If you are a Mac user, I would personally recommend you to take a look at these 40 useful and free mac os x softwares.

  11. DC++
  12. Written in C++, DC++ is the P2P files sharing program used to connect to the Direct Connect network or to the ADC protocol. On DC++ u have to connect on ‘hubs’ and every hub has admins. These admins take care of their hub really good so that users have really little chance to find viruses or fake files, because people with this things are kicked or banned from the hubs even before you can say ‘Ala ka zaam’.

    There are many well known mods of DC++ out there, most popular being StrongDC++. It is suitable for newbies in the dc network as well as those who know all about p2p connections and want something more form their client. Basically, you’ll just have to configure your connection, name and put something that is of value in your share folder. Yes, understanding will take some time but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll experience the advantages of multi-source download.

  13. eMule
  14. Written in MS Visual C++ using the Microsoft Foundation Classes, connects to both the eDonkey network and the Kad network. With downloads of over 330 million times as of July 2007, it has become the most downloaded project on SourceForge. The distinguishing features of eMule are the direct exchange of sources between client nodes, fast recovery of corrupted downloads, and the use of a credit system to reward frequent uploaders. Furthermore, eMule transmits data in zlib-compressed form to save bandwidth.

    You can find nearly any film, music or program ever made, but if there’s only a few sources it will take long to download them. It also gives more info about the downloads because there is a system where you can rate / comment on files that others can read easily. The cue system encourages people to share because the more you upload the more you can get off others and the faster your downloads. You can also add a proxy to make yourself anonymous and untraceable. Useful when downloading recently released movies.

  15. iMesh
  16. The audio media player works just as well as itunes along with the music search which works the same way. The database is far more limited in terms of only having audio and video but you could find many things on this that you won’t find on Limewire. Downloading speeds are higher searches are very fast. The friends and internal message system is useful, handy and surprisingly bug free.

  17. LimeWire Basic
  18. Written in Java, Limewire offers the sharing of its library through Digital Audio Access Protocol. As such, when LimeWire is running, any files shared will be detectable on the local network by DAAP-enabled devices like iTunes. LimeWire doesn’t forward SHA1 searches, which find exact copies of files. Magnet links use SHA1 searches and SHA1 searches can also be used to find more sources for a download. SHA-1 and tiger tree hash cryptographic hash functions is used by Limewire to ensure that downloaded data is uncompromised.

    LimwWire basic is free but you can download the Pro version of Limewire off of the basic version for free. =P The only difference is that the Pro version offers personalized technical support and provides more results and faster downloads by connecting to more sources.

  19. Shareaza
  20. Available in 27 different languages, Shareaza supports the Gnutella, Gnutella2, EDonkey Network, BitTorrent, FTP and HTTP network protocols plus handle magnet links, ed2k links, Piolet links and Gnutella links. The user interface is clean and does not lag in any way. Start up is fast and easy to use. Power mode enables experienced users to control about nearly everything. The monitors and real time graphs are easy on the eyes. There is also a local filtering of received results, besides the many filtering options. For now, I would personally recommend you to not use it to download torrent files yet because it is still immature compared to the other bittorrent clients mentioned in this article.

  21. uTorrent
  22. Written in C++, uTorrent is the No.1 bittorrent client that uses the least computer resources. It can use as little as 14 MB of RAM running a 486 processor on Windows 95. Translations have totaled 38 languages. It has peer exchange with other uTorrent clients , ‘trackerless’ support using DHT and a user configurable intelligent dick caching system.

    Unlike BitComet, it doesn’t mess up the ratio statistics and is very convenient to bring around. It is shipped as a single stand-alone compressed executable file, and does not require installation.

Internet Service Providers Around The World That Throttles Bittorrent / P2P


I live in a part of the world where many things are monopolized by the government. One of it is ISP. Most of the people living in Malaysia have no choice but to use ScreamyX. Of course there are also good ISPs, but their reach is limited at the moment. I realized that P2P throttling is an activity practiced by a lot of other internet service providers all around the world. Below is the list of bad internet service providers (ISP) by country. If your ISP is listed here and you have a choice to switch, then switch. The monthly fees that you pay is better off in the hands of ISPs who treat their customers right.


  1. Telefonica de Argentina
  2. telefonica

    • prevents .torrent downloads.

  3. Telecentro
  4. telecentro

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.

  5. Fibertel
  6. fibertel

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.


  1. Unwired
  2. unwired

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.

  3. iburst
  4. iburst

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.

  5. exetel
  6. exetel

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.


  1. Telenet
  2. telenet

    • limits bandwidth during certain times of the day.


  1. Net Virtua
  2. netvirtua

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.


  1. Rogers
  2. rogers

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.
    • prevents seeding.

  3. Shaw Cable
  4. shaw

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.

  5. Cogeco
  6. cogeco

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.

  7. Eastlink
  8. eastlink

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.
  9. Xplornet (Wireless + Satellite)
  10. xplornet

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.
    • causes unsolvable NAT problem.


  1. Terra Net
  2. terra

    • limits bandwidth for accounts with a high traffic volume.
    • limits bandwidth during certain times of the day.

  3. VTR
  4. vtr

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.


  1. China Telecom
  2. ct

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.

  3. China Netcom
  4. cn

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.

  5. China Railcom / TieTong
  6. tietong

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.

  7. Shanghai Telecom
  8. st

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.


  1. Club-Internet
  2. club internet

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.


  1. TM Net
  2. tmnet

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.

  4. jaring

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.
    • limits bandwidth during certain times of the day.


  1. Cable Vision
  2. cablevision

    • limits bandwidth during certain times of the day.

New Zealand

  1. iburst
  2. iburst

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.


  1. Nexlinx
  2. nexlinx

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.


  1. Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company
  2. pldtx

    • limits bandwidth for accounts with a high traffic volume.


  1. ONI
  2. oni

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.


  1. Ya
  2. ya

    • limits bandwidth during certain times of the day.

  3. Ono
  4. ono

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.

  5. CableSur
  6. cablesur

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.

United Kingdom

  1. biscit
  2. biscit

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.

  3. TalkTalk
  4. talktalk

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.

  5. Eclipse
  6. eclipse

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.

  7. Pipex
  8. pipex

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.
    • limits bandwidth during certain times of the day.

  9. Freedom2Surf
  10. f2s

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.
    • limits bandwidth during certain times of the day.

  11. BT Broadband
  12. bt

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.
    • limits bandwidth during certain times of the day.

  13. Tiscali / Toucan
  14. tiscali

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.
    • limits bandwidth during certain times of the day.

  15. Virgin Media
  16. virgin

    • limits bandwidth during certain times of the day.

United States of America

  1. SusCom
  2. suscom

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.

  3. Atlantic Broadband
  4. atlantic

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.

  5. Cablevision’s Optimum Online
  6. opt

    • prevents seeding.

  7. RCN Starpower
  8. rcn

    • prevents seeding.

  9. Adelphia Cable Communications
  10. adel

    • prevents seeding.

  11. iProvo
  12. iprovo

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.

  13. Qwest
  14. qwest

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.

  15. Cox
  16. cox

    • limits bandwidth for accounts with a high traffic volume.

  17. Comcast
  18. comcast

    • prevents seeding.

  19. PlusNet
  20. plusnet

    • limits bandwidth for accounts with a high traffic volume.
    • limits bandwidth during certain times of the day.

  21. Charter Communications
  22. charter

    • limits bandwidth for accounts with a high traffic volume.


  1. Intercable
  2. interstafa

    • limits bittorrent bandwidth.
    • limits bandwidth for accounts with a high traffic volume.

Bad ISPs
Causing trouble to bittorrent clients

How To Not Get Sued For Filesharing



Earlier, I have written an article on the steps that the RIAA took to file a lawsuit against users who shared copyrighted materials. A simple act like filesharing these days can make us feel like hunted criminals. We never know when we may be the unlucky ones to be dragged into court by the authorities. In US, the RIAA has accepted lawsuit settlements before, ranging from US$3,000 to US$17,000. How does the authorite decide who the unlucky ones are? Read this . How do you find ways to protect yourself? Read on.

Here are 3 ways.

  1. Remove all copyright infringing files in your shared folder. Some P2P networks may only enable you to download faster if you share more files. Whatever it is, make sure it’s not copyrighted materials.
  2. Remove all potentially confusing filenames that may be related to copyrighted materials such as “Pussycat Dolls” or “Snow Patrol”.
  3. Last resort but it’s the most effective. Some P2P allows it, some don’t. Examples are Kazaa Lite. Here is a screenshot of it. Avoid, if possible.
  4. kazaa lite

Electronic Frontier Foundation
Digital world freedom fighters