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Useful Software For USB

Great stuff for travellers. Carry all the essential cannot-live-without programs with us anywhere we go. Recently, the guys at have just released their new “Portable Apps Suite”, a collection of necessary applications configured to work portably. It includes a PortableApps Menu abd PortableApps Directory for including / excluding other Portable Applications. Neat! Here are the programs recommended by for a 512MB thumb drive.

512 MB

256 MB

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Free WiFi Hotspots

Free Wifi Hotspots

A free wifi location directory for USA, Europe and the world. The information provided is very useful for business and vacation travelers who are in town. It has a large listing of wifi hot spots in cities and towns of states in the USA. They also cover countries in Europe, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America, Middle East, South Africa, Asia and Oceania.

As far as I know, common locations for free wifi are usually found in libraries, academic locations, hotels, cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. For laptop and PDA users that travel often, it is recommended to bookmark the site. One never knows when one may need it. =)