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Java is an object oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems in the early 1990s. Here are the 5 strengths of Java.

  1. uses object oriented programming methodology
  2. allows the same program to be executed in different operating systems
  3. contains built in support for using computer networks
  4. designed to execute code from remote resources securely
  5. easy to use by selecting good parts of other object oriented languages

Java is an interesting programming language that I’ve learned to use when I was in university. I guess I liked it cause my lecturer was a professor from German. His extradordinary ability to explain the most complex language into super simple daily examples is a wonder. Thanks to him, I can now explain Java in very simple terms.


Let’s look at the world around us. I’ll take my place as an example. I am now in my room and there’s a lamp above the monitor. There are 2 states where it can be, which is on and off. There are also 2 behaviours, the process of turning on and turning off. Let’s take a while and look around. Seek answers to these 2 questions :

  • What states can the object be in?
  • What behvaious can the object be in?

light on

Once you’ve understood real world objects, you’ll understand software objects. They are exactly the same. Software objects stores its state in fields and exposes its behaviours in methods. Usually the stored states are hidden. Why? Because it will control how the object is being used. I know that I can’t control the brightness of my lamp. There is no way to do it and attempting to do it will only end up in rejection. We just need to know what we need to do (press the switch to on or off), which is why the switch (methods) is exposed.


There you have it. Basics of Java in very simple terms. =)

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Java Black Belt

How in the world is a developer’s skill and knowledge in java measured? How is it recognized? Well, at javablackbelt.com, a java developer gets an alternative way to measure and demonstrate his skills. There are supposedly 2 traditional ways of getting recognized. Get certified by Sun Microsystems or by finishing a project. Several websites have been developed to gear a developer towards Sun Microsystems high quality certifications. Here’s what javablackbelt has to say about it :

We feel frustrated by these certifications, because they don’t really match what a typical Java developers knows. We feel there is a huge hole in the community :

  1. only a small subset of the necessary technologies are covered by the certifications
  2. the knowledge required to succeed with these certifications is more extensive than what most developers need on their project.

Hence, the birth of javablackbelt.com

There are 4 main actions that an user can do :

  • Taking Tests
  • Start by taking tests on the belt track. Gradually, a white belt java developer will grow to yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and finally black.

  • Contribute
  • Sometimes, the questions may be too easy or too hard. An user can contribute his or her ideas on ways to improve a question and at the same time earn contribution points to proceed to get grades from the following belt colour.

  • Guidelines
  • A list of guidelines on programming and designing on Java are useful to any Java Developer. Here’s an example of a list of guidelines for Object Oriented Programming.

  • Auctions
  • Auctions is a generous way for the people at javablackbelt to thank it’s users for using their website. Users that have collected contribution points may use it to bid on items in the auction room. Once an user wins, the bids are delivered accordingly.

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