Answering Service For Small Business Owners


If you’re in a business that runs on good information and excellent communications, have a look at SuccessfulOffice. If you use voicemail exclusively and mail services, have a look too. Their answering service are the highest used in the U.S. that accepts outside clients. Some of the benefits of using SuccessfulOffice include :

  1. Exclusive Toll Free Number
  2. Get a dedicated 800 number. Use it in advertisements. According to SuccessfulOffice, having a toll free number can increase response and sales by 45%.

  3. Customized Call Answering
  4. They even allow customers to customize the way calls are answered. The flexibility includes answering questions, gathering information, taking orders and setting of appointments.

  5. Toll Free Fax Number
  6. All faxes will be taken by SuccessfulOffice, which in turn is mailed to customers, allowing them to choose what to print, save and discard. Save money on toner and paper.

  7. Sales, Appointment Setting, Order Taking
  8. Customers can train staff to take information and articulate it effectively to close the sale, set the appointment, or even solve a customer service issue.

  9. Instant Notification of Messages
  10. Choose to be notified after each call or at intervals. Have the messaged delivered through email, pager or fax. Travel around in peace while callers and clients get the impression that you’re actually in office.

  11. Voicemail
  12. Get a private, password protected voicemail box that you can access 24 hours a day from anywhere via a toll free access number. You can also choose to be notified when a new voicemail is left for you.

  13. Multiple Office Addresses
  14. Wouldn’t it be funny to have a home address published on the website and advertisements? Well, home office customer are encouraged to use SuccessfulOffice’s office address, so that they can mail, process or forward mails.y!

  15. Mail Forwarding
  16. Forwarded mails are not charge a handling fee, only postage. They can also re-mail items for you, so that customers see a postmark from their offices. Request for instant opening, scanning and emailing of urgent documents whenever you like.

  17. New Staff Members
  18. Basically, the staff comes in a size of 5-7 employees. If more is needed, another set of 5-7 is added.

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