How To Make Your Own CD Cover Sleeve


Here’s a little guide on how to make basic, proper CD sleeve in just 9 steps. This is particularly useful for anyone who needs wrap and protect a CD when there’s no CD sleeve around.

Step 1

Here’s the most basic thing. 1 CD and 1 A4 paper.

Step 2

Place the CD in the center. Keep the sides as symmetrical as possible.

Step 3

Make sure the width of the folded side is as wide as the CD.

Step 4

Fold the remaining side.

Step 5

Making wings needs practice. Try to make the sides triangular.

Step 6

Look behind. Again, keep it as symmetrical as possible. Especially the folded parts.

Step 7

After you’re done, turn back to the front and fold the corners of the top part. Not too much.

Step 8

Insert the top part in between the wings.

Step 9

Viola! You’re done! Have fun writing whatever you want on it. =)