8 Tips On How To Prepare A Proper PowerPoint Presentation


Presentations. One of the most prevalent forms of persuasion technology. Powerpoint presentation saves a ton of time compared to overhead projectors and whiteboards. The ease of use has also been an influencing factor for professionals like business people, educators and trainers. It caters well to the needs and desires of both presenters and audience. I have thought out 8 very useful tips on how to make an impact with powerpoint presentation from my experience working in my previous company.

  1. Serif, Sans-serif
  2. Serif

    Serif fonts have curls or tails at the end of each letter. Use this font type in titles. Why? Cause serif fonts take a bit longer to digest. Gets the mind ready for whatever that’s next.


    Sans-serif, on the other hand, has no tail. This improves readability speed so it’s suitable for texts of sentences. The minimum text size for any text is 14 pt. This will help your powerpoint presentations to get the message across efficiently.

  3. Design
  4. Bad


    Keep it composed and analyzable. The most important thing is to focus on getting the message across. Distractions from lousy templates with low quality pictures will give others a sense of disconnection. Keep it clean, bulletize your lists, be consistent on fonts, colour and background. Limit punctuation and avoid putting words in all capital letters. Empty space on the slide will enhance readability. Use contrasting colors for text and background. Dark text on a light background is best. Patterned backgrounds can reduce readability of text.

  5. Keywords
  6. Use only key information. Period. Having to spend more than 2 minutes on a slide equals to yawns and thoughts of ‘hmm… i think I’ll have burritos at Pablo’s for lunch’ during the presentation.

  7. Slide transitions
  8. ‘hmm.. let’s do something flashy. Lets have the title fly in from the bottom with the sound of drums’. FORGET IT! It’s old stuff. Maybe if it were the 80’s it will win you clients like drinking water, but now’s the 21st century. Having animations and sound effects will only impact the presentation negatively and you lose credibilty. Value in content will impress most.

  9. Images
  10. Only use high quality images. Low quality pixelated photos will only weaken the message. I have made a post on 9 reliable gigantic websites where you can get reusable high quality images for free. Use them.

  11. Don’t read the whole slide
  12. Only the title. The pool of text after the title is for the audience. Do it professionally. Relax and keep yourself composed at all times. Keep the audience motivated and try your very best to look like you’ve burnt a kilo of midnight oil preparing the presentation for your audience.

  13. Body posture
  14. Face the audience. Speak only after each successful page load. Don’t talk to the slide while checking. The audience may not hear your words clearly.

  15. Keep it cool
  16. For example, you’re at slide 11 and you forgot point number 5 and 6. Cover up and act cool. Do it like as if it’s in the plan. The last thing you wanna do is say ‘sorry’. That’s why simplicity is the number 1 factor in giving out steady presentations. When people can read something easily, they will understand what you want them to. Most importantly, have fun! =)

Here are 2 excellent examples of what I mean by good powerpoint presentations.

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Prosumers. Users who consume and produce at the same time. It’s amazing how media has evolved from physical to digital. Watch videos for free, read news for free, chat for free, hold conferences for free, etc. Virtual life will become the biggest market on the planet. Start investing. I have, have you? =)