5 Things To Learn From Blog Readers


Here’s a research done by Vizu Answers between November 20th and December 4th, 2006 about understanding blog readers’ usage patterns and selection processes. I took the time to read the entire report and made a summary of 5 things that we can learn from blog readers like you and I. They are :

  1. Getting others to say you’re good is better than you saying you’re good
  2. find

    67.3% of readers state that they found the blogs they read regularly through links from other blogs. Link exchange is important. Find writers you admire and comment on their blog. Try building relationships. After all, the first half of life is spent mainly in finding out who we are through seeing ourselves in our interaction with others.

  3. Write highly valuable content and post consistently
  4. quality

    It doesn’t matter if a blog is plain or full of multimedia flashes or colorful pictures. The blog author may be the most scorned man in the world who doesn’t have a sense of design, but if he writes REAL articles, the author will still attain growth in readership. If you choose to have it daily, then by all means stick to daily. Writing 3 extra articles today to cover for the next 3 days doesn’t count. Effort and consistency counts.

  5. Have an opinion and write with style
  6. blog

    I myself write about things that I found around the net, like the Blog Readership Report. However, I will usually add in points of my own. I will take the effort to make it exciting and beneficial to my readers while keeping to the facts. Some blog authors include profanity in their blogs to really show themselves, some remain professional and keep it clean. The most important thing is be yourself. Once there is acceptance in readers, there will be growth in readers.

  7. Show some personality
  8. why

    Be funny. Be loud. Show some attitude. Again, stand out from the crowd by being yourself. If a blog is about birds, I’m pretty sure that the blog will draw a crowd from animal lovers and not home improvement enthusiasts. So stick to a category and stay there. Persistence is the twin sister of excellence. One is a matter of quality; the other, a matter of time.

  9. Write Daily
  10. frequent

    68.3% of readers will visit their favorites everyday. My personal preference would be to post 1 article everyday. When I started out blogging in November 2006, I posted articles irregularly. I only did it when I felt like it. It was not until February 2007 that I decided to hold it together and retain the shape of my blog. I began to write daily for the love of myself. Soon enough, readership increased. I feel happiest when I get comments. =)

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