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Previously, I did a posting on w3schools , which has free tutorials for the budding web developer. Now here’s a HUGE directory on all things related to web development. All the hot links are displayed on the main page. No need for any navigation. One just has to read as one scrolls down. All the articles, websites and links are separated into 22 different categories. Do check out the page to identify your category. I shall list down 3 categories that are useful to me.

  1. Firefox Plugins
  2. Traffic / SEO
  3. Online Tools

And here are 5 articles from the site that I have read. Pretty interesting. =)

  1. Pricing Your Software – Especially for software developers.
  2. 7 Software Marketing Techniques – Another one for software developers
  3. Tips, Tutorials from Oracle – Great stuff for Oracle Developers.
  4. Highrankings.com -Search Engine Optimizing website. Superb stuff for web developers and bloggers alike.
  5. 19 Strategies For Finding Readers – Bloggers, this is really good material

Well, the lists above are articles that I find of value to me. Do check out the website and see if there is anything that may interest you. Have fun while you’re at it! =)

The link to the website

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