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Well, 2.0 design is all about keeping it focused, clean and simple. It doesn't really mean having as little design as possible but to only have the necessary designs to accomplish what we need. If there are 2 ways to solve a problem, the simpler one is always better. Lift our hands and touch our nose rather than put our hands behind our heads to touch it.


Here are certain traits of bad web design.

  • – cheap graphics
  • – flashing graphics
  • – multiple colour sections
  • – no focal point (eyes keep shifting to intrusive ads)
  • – graphics with beveled edges
  • – pages that are too long
  • – lack of contrast
  • – old dates
  • – frames

Here are 4 websites that have the traits above.

1. Wortneruswortnerus.jpg


2. East Orange Police Departmentpolice.jpg


3. A Photographers Conventionconvention.jpg


4.DFS Farm DFS.jpg


I have also chosen 4 very good examples of good web design pages. The pages are built in such a way that the user gets exactly the content that the user was looking for. Moreover, it's easy, and the design has been chosen to make the page much stronger. Here they are :

1. Samsung's Official Website samsung.jpg


2. Plaxo Plaxo.jpg


3. Really Wild Flowers ReallyWildFlowers.jpg


4. Opera Web Browser opera.jpg


Well, always remember to keep designs simple. Communicate rather than decorate. I have a personal site that I'm currently redesigning. I plan to use simple and effective patterns on it. It will be ready by 1st February. =)

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