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There was a related previous posting about comparing html and CSS designs in 3 different columns. However, the site mentioned previously did not contain any reference or detailed information about the properties and values of CSS.

Now, thanks to Leslie Franke, we have a COMPLETE CSS Cheat Sheet. I’m sure this would be most useful for beginners and advanced learners interested to know more about CSS and it’s benefits. The layout of the website is neat, actually. In the middle, you have CSS divided into 9 different categories in boxes. In each category, the possible values for that particular property are listed out for our reference. The 9 categories are:

1. Syntax
2. General
3. Font
4. Text
5. Box Model
6. Border
7. Position
8. Background
9. List

There is a bar on the left hand side which contains other commands of CSS like the Shorthand, Comments, Pseudo Selectors, Media Types and Units. Readability is good as the site is pretty clear and oragnized. Link to the site is found at the bottom. Enjoy!

CSS Cheat Sheet
Clear and complete CSS properties reference site.

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