47% Page Load Time Improvement


Good webmasters will understand the importance of load time. A visitors to a website appreciates it when pages load fast. The significance in page load time is enjoyed by non-broadband users. Here’s a tip I wanna share with owners of website that has control over the ‘.htaccess’ file. These few lines of code will save your bandwidth and improve your load time to a maximum of 66%. I improved the load time of ‘rangit.com’ by 47%. Amazing stuff. Note that the server needs to be able to support ‘mod_expires‘.


Basically, the numbers that you see above are seconds.. Below is a simple conversion..

  • 5259487 sec = 61 days
  • 2419200 sec = 28 days
  • 259200 sec = 3 days





47% !

Here’s a related article about 13 tweaks you can do to your firefox 2.0 to further improve your surf experience.

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Save bandwidth & loading time

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