1482 Firefox Extensions



Bill Bercik must be Firefox’s No.1 Fan! At the time when I saw his site, there were 1482 Firefox extensions listed in his site! That’s a lot of extenions.

Once you’re at the main page, there’s a list of 70 Most Downloaded extensions, sorted by weekly downloads. One a single row, there are several columns that describe the file.

The first column is the name of the extension and it links to the official Firefox extension site. One cand ownload it straight away from there or check out the full description and a screenshot of the extension in use.

The last 4 columns on the right are the statistics for User Rating, Total Downloads, Weekly Downloads, Last Updated. And of course, there is a search bar right at the top for one who has a rough idea of what one is looking for.

Before scrolling down to the extension list, there are 3 drop down menus at the top of the table. They are the Category, Submitted Picks and Sort By. There are about 21 different categories, from Blogging to XUL Applications, to choose from. Since the list is big, and you’re not sure what to choose, simply select any picks of the list of 13 peoples in Submitted Picks. The first list of picks to go through is of course Bill’s list. Anyways, check out the site for yourself. Great stuff, Bill!

Check out their pasties

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