View Lyrics Dynamically In Winamp & WMP


As I was searching the web for cool freewares to try out, I came across this cool plugin that works on Winamp and Windows Media Player. This plugin is a much recommended add on for all music fans out there. It's really really cool! As soon as you've downloaded a new song, you can start singing along with it.

The thing that I like the most about it is that it loads automatically and there is no need to open up a browser and look up the lyrics in google. All lyrics are taken from So if there's a foreign language song, like a chinese song that matches the one in your playlist and it is found in the website, you'll get the lyrics. It also allows you to add your own lyrics. Lyrics plugin saves time, memory and it's free. I've tried it on both WMP and Winamp and this is how it looks like.


Lyrics Plugin
Software for the music fans

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