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Samer Kurdi’s vision is to replace as many retail software as he can with first rate freeware alternatives, so that he may be able to proudly say one day, that all programs that he uses are free. Hey, great vision there, bro! He has divided his site into 13 different categories. Sweet. They are :

  1. Applications
  2. Audio
  3. Games
  4. Graphics
  5. Internet
  6. Ipod
  7. Media Players
  8. Utilities
  9. Uncategorized
  10. Web Development
  11. Video
  12. Articles
  13. Flash

Some of the categories have sub categories, some have not. I guess that the Utilities category is the more famous one. It is further divided into 12 subcategories. Some of the more interesting subcategories are Firewall, Performance Enhacners, Anti Spywares.

The first post that attracted me was the one on SysSense. What it does is retrieve data periodically from Google Adsense accounts and display real time notifications of your latest account informatio. After reading about it, I decided to download it and give it a try. Great stuff! Now I can find out about my Adsense automatically. Thanks, Samer!

Freeware Genius
Samer Kurdi’s great site!

SysSense Post
The post of the Adsense Utility that I was taling about

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