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Get access to a computer from any other workstation across the internet. It can be a home computer accessing a work computer or vice versa. Users can do everything as usual. Surf the web, use a program, download stuff from the internet onto it or even print documents remotely. Though RemotePC works for any host application it recommended that a broadband connection such as DSL, Cable or T1 be used. The reason is to keep connections alive, fast and easy.

If you’re on Windows, you’d be wondering ‘Why use RemotePC? Windows already has Microsoft Remote Dekstop’. Well, here are 2 main differences:

  • For remote access outside the local network, Microsoft Remote Desktop requires a permanent IP address whereas RemotePC does not require static IP addresses.
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop takes time, knowledge and patience to set up whereas RemotePC does it in a minute.

desktop sharing

There is a notable feature about RemotePC called the ‘Desktop Sharing’ feature. It enables users to share their computer with multiple people. So everyone, including friends or colleagues may gather around the shared computer and have a productive online conference. It’s like watching a presentation from the comforts of home. Actually, users accessing the remote computer need not have a RemotePC account. Just a ‘Guest License’ and permission from the remote computer’s owner is all it needs for users to enjoy the benefits of RemotePC. Professionals especially the ones working in the line of health care and help desk technicians will find RemotePC highly useful.

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RemotePC – Remote Access
Remote PC access from anywhere

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