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A lead management system helps track closed sales, leads generated, advertising campaigns, website traffic and revenue. Lucky for interested organizations, AIMpromote lead management has the most features in the industry by far, and is priced less than the leading competition. AIMpromote is easy-to-use, has no setup fee, and is flexible enough to meet the needs of every business. They help increase profits in all industries including mortgage, automotive, and telemarketing. I did some comparison to others in the competition and saw why AIMpromote dominated the market. Below are 6 useful features of the software :

  1. Lead Attention Meter
  2. An average of 80% of sales lead is missed because of neglect. The Lead Attention Meter will show when a lead needs attention or how close the sale is to being lost due to a lack of response. Administrative tasks such as this will reduce the need for sales staff and keep them from closing that next big sale.

  3. Reports
  4. Get real-time reports on how well each advertising campaign is working and how well each sales representatives is performing.

  5. Lower TCO
  6. There are no setup fees, and the people at AIMpromote will integrate the software into clients’ systems free of charge. The high usability and low learning cure will keep sales representatives working efficiently.

  7. Customization
  8. If an organization is interested in mortgage lead management, they will tailor the system specifically to the mortgage lead management needs of the organization. It is a fact that no two setups are ever exactly the same. The reason is every business have their own needs and their own business process. There is absolutely no charge to customize the AIMpromote system to meet every client’s needs. Furthermore, clients are encouraged to take advantage of the efficiency that can be gained by a properly configured system.

  9. Full Featured 14 Day Trial
  10. Allowing every sign up to try a full featured system is the best form of trial. Testing out a new system for 14 days, clients are able to decide for themselves on whether the software fits their needs or not.

  11. Competitor Comparison
  12. View the competitor features and pricing comparison chart. The difference between the LeadsROI and Leads360 with AIMpromote is vast.

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Homepage of the lead management software

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