Top 10 Freeware Categories


Carol, the geek girl, has this super duper long list of freewares for visitors to choose from. She has all of it divided into 15 different categories. I’m going to shorten the list down to 10 categories. They are all my favourite freewares too.. So here it goes..

  1. Best Desktop Tools and Office
    • (Get this, stop using Microsoft Office, save money and spend on food)
    • AbiWord (Get this, stop using Microsoft Word, save the money and buy some clothes)
    • Wordweb (English dictionary and thesaurus program)

  2. Best Browsers – Best Email clients – Best FTP
  3. Best Antivirus – Best Firewall – Best Anti Adware/Spyware
  4. Best Web Based Mail
  5. Best Graphic Tools
  6. Best HTML Editors
  7. Best Sound Editor
  8. Best Blogging Tools
  9. Best System Tools
    • TuneXP (system tuneup)
    • 7-Zip (file archiver, winzip replacement)
    • Flashget (the best download manager)

  10. Best Content Management System

Remember that all programs mentioned above are FREE for you to download and use. Totally no strings attached. 100% legal. No worries. Just relax and enjoy their blessings. =)

Carol’s Vault
Freewares divided into 15 categories

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