Looking For Sound Effects?


If you’re working on a project and you’re looking for sound effects, this is it.

If you’re looking to create an advertisement banner with sound effects, you’ll find a lot here.

Wherever you are, if sound effects is what you’ve been looking for, look no further.

Find Sounds, the sound effect search engine is here to help. Below is a table comparing Find Sounds to the internet’s major search engines.


As you can see, Find Sounds is fully devoted to searching sound effects and musical instrument samples. It has simple, easy to use features that is suitable for users of all ages. To all parents, relax, because audio files containing obscenities will not be found in the search results. They are filtered out before the results are returned.

A user is allowed to play around with the search criteria so that the results are narrowed down. I’ll take the first result of the search term ‘laugh’ and explain a bit further about what you’ll see.


The waveform provides visual information about the content of the audio file. It’s actually a graph of loudness over time. On the other hand, the colour reflects the frequency of the file. There are 2 buttons at the side. The left button is for listening to the file, the right for files similar to this one. A short description is displayed below the direct URL and the technical properties are shown at the bottom.

That’s about it. Keep a bookmark, cause you never know when it might come in handy. =)

Find Sounds
Sound effect search engine

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