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Michael Pedone, who founded in 2000 when he had successfully optimized his wife’s company’s website by increasing online traffic and significantly improving sales. The search engine optimization company is firm in implementing ethical, non-spam search engine optimization solutions to increase targeted website traffic. The company is among the Top 10 most requested profiles in SEO Consultants.


Because they provide quality ‘organic’ search results. The next question is..

What in the world is ‘organic’ search and how can it benefit a website?

When I first heard organic, I thought of plants and flowers. Is ‘organic’ search supposed to help me get ‘healthy’ visitors? Or is it supposed to prevent diseases?

None of the above.

Organic means a search that returns results by indexing pages based on content and keyword relevancy which is in contrast to listings ranked based on who paid the most money to appear at the top. Organic search results are ‘clean’ and uncontaminated with commercial payments or bids.

The 4 benefits that websites enjoy from organic traffic are :

  1. Greater Click-throughs
  2. Ultimately, organic search results will most likely yield greater click-through rates when all other things are equal. Therefore, it’s this type of listing that will maximize the traffic to websites whenever they climb to the top.

  3. Power of Branding
  4. Smaller companies can give the impression of big business importance by securing a better position in organic search than their larger rivals.

  5. Greater Trust Equals Greater Conversions
  6. On the whole, you should see more visitors from organic search converting to sales, assuming your rankings were for targeted, relevant keywords. In the business world, ROI, or Return On Investment, is king. Fortunately, organic search can give you the high ROI you’re looking for or your boss is demanding.

  7. Organic is Free
  8. A Web site with good quality content and links from third party sites is very useful in getting pages indexed or re-indexed quickly in search engines because it allows you to quickly test various page designs and to feed news and other time-sensitive content to the search engine as quickly as possible.

The main problem with organic traffic is time and nothing but time. Organic rankings are not automatic. You don’t pay and get listed highly. That’s where resources like eTrafficJams come in. They get the job done for you for a certain fee. Know the company better. Get personal with the CEO. Read some of his articles. Get yourself a SEO analysis or even get your site’s keywords analyzed all for free.

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