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Get an answer to your search queries instead of results. Brainboost is the first answer engine that I’ve come across. It finds answers to my questions instead of directing me to pages containing the question. BrasinBoost actually uses its own AnswerRank system where it reads hundred of web pages derived from search results and extracts short, brief answers to the question, saving time. Here’s a simple comparison between Google and BrainBoost.


  1. Search : “Why are stars yellow?
  2. Pages containing “stars”, “yellow” are retrieved.
  3. Results are sorted by link popularity.
  4. Normally, first results are read in hope to find answer.
  5. If an answer is not found, the process is repeated in the next search result, sometimes having only to find the answer after reading many web pages.


  1. Search : “Why are stars yellow?
  2. Query is translated into many other queries that will raise the probability to find the answer to the question.
  3. Top several hundred pages of search engine results are retrieved.
  4. Answers found are ranked based on BrainBoost’s AnswerRank system to determine which answer is most probably correct.
  5. Answers are then displayed.

Question everything

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