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Founded in 2001, Apogee Search is one of the largest online marketing services firms backed by a rapidly growing staff of full time, internet marketing professionals providing all the tools and business expertise required to turn a company’s online efforts into strategic, revenue generators. Apogee’s staff is highly trained in statistical significance and quantitative research who also use powerful web analytics for precise evaluations of website volume and visiting patterns. Only proven methods are provided to help clients carefully manage their ROI to meet specific budgetary requirements.

On January 9th 2007, Apogee Search became the first Google AdWords Qualified Company in the Southwest of the United States. Their focus on specific markets, competition, unique selling advantages, revenue goals and long-term expectations paid off.

Check out the Houston SEO services to learn more. Their proven track record will be a proof to the skeptics. At the time of viewing, all 17 clients of Apogee have achieved first page results for highly competitive common search terms on the Google, Yahoo! and MSN Search.

Apogee is certainly for companies who are serious about optimizing website rankings. Their complete, results-based online marketing solution, backed by the commitment to help every client build their business is huge. In any case, try the free search engine marketing analysis to learn exactly where your website ranks on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Then get a free consult on you how you can move your website to the top.

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