Calling Overseas Cheaply


Basically, Pingo’s service of cheap prepaid calling cards online are a part of iBasis that has been providing high quality international service and price advantage to leading phone companies like AT&T, MCI, and Sprint on a wholesale basis since 1997. Users of Pingo phone cards will enjoy 5 obvious benefits which are:

  • saving money on international calls.
  • Upgrade your long distance service without the trouble of having to change carriers.
  • High reliability in one of the largest carriers of international calls.
  • RateWatcher looks out actively on opportunities to reduce overall costs and share the savings with customers which is one of the reason it helps to make Pingo the calling card ahead of its competitors.
  • The only thing that they require is US$ 0.98 per month for account maintenance.

If I were to call overseas using a phone, it will be my elder relatives. Why? Cause it’s convenient for having a conversation without going through the hassle of having to teach technology and internet stuff like Skype. Plus, with Pingo, it will be REAL cheap and you get to talk longer. I dare say REAL cheap because they are really cheap. Why?

Simple. I checkout out AllWorldPhone, a website that has a huge collection of US and international call plans, and did an example search on cheapest rates from United States to Malaysia. The cheapest rate of all is US$ 0.05.

I did the same to Pingo, and their rate for calls from Unites States to Malaysia is less than US$ 0.03! That’s 45% in savings for using Pingo compared to other calling cards. Neat, isn’t it?

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