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Aapka – Bollywood Videos is a totally free online service that allows you to watch and share videos with others. the kind of video content encouraged on the site are bollywood trailers, Indian tv shows and cricket videos. The current maximum size of a video is 100MB.

The logo of the site looks neat and polished. Below the front page, users will get to see 6 most popular videos and 6 recently added videos in AapkaVideo. Clicking on a video preview image will bring users to the video page. From there, users can increase or decrease the video size. I believe that increasing the video will synonymously increase the download bandwidth. What I like most about the site is the simple design. It contributes to the fast loading speed from page to page.

So if you’re a Bollywood fan, check out Aapka. If you’re Indian and you understand Tamil, check out Aapka. You will like it. =)

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Aapka – Bollywood Videos
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