A Data Center


Data is bits and bytes of information stored in electronic memory. Data center is the facility used to house mission critical computer systems and associated components which includes environmental controls (air conditioning, fire suppression, etc.), redundant/backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections and high security. As data is a crucial aspect of most organizational operations, organizations tend to be very protective of their data. A data center must therefore keep high standards for assuring the integrity and functionality of its hosted computer environment. This is depicted in its physical and logical layout.

Let’s take a high end data center for an example. Let’s take Hosted Solutions’s Managed Server Colocation Charlotte NC as an example. Services offered by Charlotte Data Center Solutions include :

  • Colocation

  • – buying a web server that it is physically located in the premises of a third-party company that provides the networking.

  • Dedicated Server

  • – a computer on a network that is assigned to function only as a resource server and cannot be used as a client. Gamers of half-life should know what dedicated servers are.

  • Managed Services

  • – providing delivery and management of network based services, applications, and equipment to organizations.

  • Disaster Recovery

  • – ability to recover from the loss of a complete site, whether due to natural disaster or malicious intent. Disaster recovery strategies include replication and backup/restore.

Let’s talk about notable features of the data center.

  1. Security
    • buildings have ballistics-proof walls, doors, and windows
    • 24-hour physical security monitors all cameras, door positions, and badge access areas
    • Door entrance to data center requires a badge to get in and a badge to get out
    • card access control throughout
    • Biometric hand scanner verifies unique hand geometry image and a heat signature before allowing entry into data center

  2. Inside the Data Center
    • Backup power is catered for via one or more interruptible power supplies and/or diesel generators.
    • raised flooring of removable square tiles to provide a plenum for air to circulate below the floor, as part of the air conditioning system, as well as providing space for power cabling.
    • Computer Room Air Conditioning units are positioned around the data center to filter air and to remove dust and lint.
    • Air is humidified to a finite set point to reduce static electricity

The main purpose of a data center is running databases, file servers, application servers and middleware that handle the core business and operational data of the organization. Such systems may be proprietary and developed internally by the organization, or bought from enterprise software vendors. A fine example would be Oracle’s Enterprise Manager.

Having a data center with a dedicated hosting managed environment makes you feel safe and secure. The reliability provided by data centers that focus primarily on managing the equipment reduces the time used. Business organizations should be concerned more on business rather than managing servers. Cut additional costs on consultants and invest instead on data centers born to handle server management applications.

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