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PHP. What’s so important about it?

PHP is a server side programming language designed to produce amazing dynamic web pages which :

  • allows you to create dynamic html pages and files.
  • can be used to authenticate logins to a site
  • allows web owners to redirect pages
  • keep counters
  • allows you to personalize pages. For example, if I login to a site using my username and password, the PHP codes will then tell the server to generate a personal note that says ‘Welcome, Chris!’. So if another person logs in, the server will generate another personal page that says ‘Welcome, (username)!’.
  • If you set up your own server you can use also PHP to allow people to download files from a certain folder and then log the ip address of the person that downloaded it. As long as the page saves or changes a file on the server, PHP will most likely be used.


There are plenty of PHP training courses out there that helps people to learn even faster. Open Technology Group is one fine example that provides the highest quality training at an affordable prices that includes post meet ups after classes. Their courses are taught by Zend certified PHP MySQL training instructors with over decade’s experience.

At the moment, they conduct classes on a monthly basis. The classes are carried out for a period of 5 days. If you live in the US and some other parts of Canada, airfare to North Carolina, accommodation, shuttle services and course materials are all included with the fee you pay.

Interested people are encouraged to submit a simple form or call them to ask about enrollment questions. They will even wire in a technical instructor to take calls, if needed. I believe that they have special pricing for government or educational bodies.

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