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Codefetch is a code search engine that connects programmers and authors so that programmers get the information they need from the work of supportive and encouraging book authors. Easily get results from 22 different programming languages :

  1. C
  2. Cold Fusion
  3. Ant
  4. C#
  5. Flash ActionScript
  6. Apache Configuration
  7. C++
  8. HTML / CSS
  9. AppleScript
  10. Delphi Pascal
  11. Javascript / Ajax
  12. SQL
  13. Java
  14. JSP / JSTL / JSF
  15. Unix / Shell
  16. Objective-C Cocoa
  17. Perl
  18. XML-Schema
  19. Python
  20. PHP
  21. XSLT / XPATH
  22. Ruby / Rails

It’s so easy to use. I tried entering ‘path’ in ‘PHP’ and out came all the PHP codes from 22 different books. Then I entered the search term ‘pizza’ and chose ‘C++’. Out came codes that :

  • Determines which of two pizza sizes is the best buy.
  • Determines whether a round pizza or a rectangular pizza is the best buy.
  • Returns the price per square inch of a pizza.

Codefetch will generally benefit students and basic programmers by providing source codes to learn from. Moreover, this is also a good way for book authors to promote the content of the book.

Code Fetch
Fetch the code you need.


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