Code IDE : The Free Online IDE


Programmers, you’re gonna love this. I found an online Integrated Development Environment for 7 different languages. It has many features that are useful to me. I can do syntax highlighting, view line numbers and search to replace letters. It supports :

  1. Pascal
  2. C++
  3. Perl
  4. JavaScript
  5. HTML
  6. LISP
  7. Math

This is how the editor looks like.


The design is soft and smooth, which makes me feel sort of relaxed and able to program for hours.

Results are shown on a panel on the right hand side of the editor. You can also see what other anonymous users are trying out from looking at the public live results panel located at the bottom. It looks like this.


Register yourself to store files on the site itself. They even allow users to publish their work on the wiki page. Pretty interactive if you ask me. Check out the forums for questions and suggested solutions by forum members.


the free online compiler

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