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For 5 years, Everything USB has been a great special interest website following all the latest developments of Universal Serial Bus technology. As to how I see it, their website is divided into 5 major categories. Namely News, FAQs, Hardware, Software and Forum.

  • News

  • Here’s the section where all the latest discoveries are posted. Sorted by descending date, each article is described along with a picture. The graphics gives readers a feel of the product.

  • FAQs

  • Over here, one can find the answers to the 11 most frequently asked questions on the site. The question that sounded useful to me was Question No.2. Now I know how to identify PCs with USB 2.0 easily. Thanks to Everything USB!

  • Hardware

  • The hardware section is again neatly divided into 6 different categories. Each category contains it’s own subcategory. The categories are

    1. USB Essentials
    2. USB Storage
    3. USB Audio & Video
    4. Portable Audio & Video
    5. Input Devices
    6. Other USB Adapters

  • Software

  • Here, they talk about well known USB Applications. For the record, I have a post on Portable USB Apps over at this link . You can read about it and find handy applications that fit right into your little USB.

  • Forum

  • From what I can see, the 3 most popular topics are

    1. Mass Storage Solutions
    2. USB Cables, Hosts, Hubs, Switches
    3. MP3 Players & Portable Video Players

Like any other forums, registration is required. Generally, most topics of the threads are about comparisons and problems that have or may occur.

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Latest stuff from the Official USB Wonderland

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