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If there’s a device that needs a driver, Drivers Planet’s got it. According to them, the right driver can be found in just 3 clicks! Amazing! The drivers are separated into 18 different categories. To name a few; Monitors, Printers, Motherboards, Sound Cards, Notebooks, Digital Cameras, Projectors, Graphic Adapters, etc.

I was kinda curious and wanted to find out whether if I can find the drivers for my devices.

Here’s a list of my hardwares that has been installed with the latest drivers from Drivers Planet:

Grpahics Card : GeCube Radeon 9550
Found the link here. I installed the latest drivers for it.

Sound Card : Creative Soundblaster Live! Value
My sounds card is already 5 years old and I can still find the drivers for it. Great!

Printer : Samsung ML-2010 Laser Printer
This baby is quite new but not many people use Samsung printers. Most use Canon but still, I found the drivers for it here.

Digital Camera : Canon Powershot A75
Digital Cameras too! I won’t have to worry about my camera software next time when I reformat the PC. I’ll know I can get it here.

If your motherboard software is out of date, go to Drivers Planet and update it! If your mouse has been using the default Microsoft Driver, get the proper driver for it and see the extra features that your mouse can do! Happy “Drivering” around the “Planet “!

Drivers Planet
Find a driver for your device

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