How To Not Get Sued For Filesharing


Earlier, I have written an article on the steps that the RIAA took to file a lawsuit against users who shared copyrighted materials. A simple act like filesharing these days can make us feel like hunted criminals. We never know when we may be the unlucky ones to be dragged into court by the authorities. In US, the RIAA has accepted lawsuit settlements before, ranging from US$3,000 to US$17,000. How does the authorite decide who the unlucky ones are? Read this . How do you find ways to protect yourself? Read on.

Here are 3 ways.

  1. Remove all copyright infringing files in your shared folder. Some P2P networks may only enable you to download faster if you share more files. Whatever it is, make sure it’s not copyrighted materials.
  2. Remove all potentially confusing filenames that may be related to copyrighted materials such as “Pussycat Dolls” or “Snow Patrol”.
  3. Last resort but it’s the most effective. Some P2P allows it, some don’t. Examples are Kazaa Lite. Here is a screenshot of it. Avoid, if possible.
  4. kazaa lite

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