Windows Vista : Yes, We Cooperated With NSA



Thomas Baumgartner of Microsoft Germany told Die Welt, a German national daily newspaper, “For some time, we have been cooperating with the intelligence services”. Here’s proof of the involvement of the NSA, National Security Agency, noted at the bottom of the Windows Vista Security Guide.

For years and years, critics and privacy preachers have always assumed that Microsoft has been collaborating with the government to build their products. They are afraid of certain infamous agencies, such as the NSA , for building back doors into Microsoft’s products to allow surveillence activities including those owned by home users.

The National Security Agency is known for wiretapping selected individuals in the U.S. as part of the Bush’s administration’s plans to fight terrorism. On 16th December 2005, the New York Times printed a story asserting that the NSA had been conducting phone-taps on individuals in the U.S. calling persons outside the country, without obtaining warrants. Again on 10th May 2006, a report by USA Today mentioned that the NSA is operating the largest database in the world holding call records placed through AT&T, Verizon and Bell South.

Note that Windows command a market share of over 90% of the world’s operating systems. Windows Vista is also expected to be used by more than 600 million users worldwide by 2010. Can you imagine the happiness of NSA?

How do you feel?

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