7 Tweaks To Increase Windows XP Performance


How much RAM do you have? When I first bought my PC in 2005, it only had 512 MB of RAM. At that point of time, 512 MB is considered a lot. Most of the applications do not eat up much memory.

Now, more and more resource hungry applications are being made. PCs of yesteryears will surely find difficulty in providing optimum performance to it’s users. The best performance boost that any PC can get is by adding RAM. By doubling the present amount.

Yeah.. and now my RAM is 1024 MB. I am on Windows XP and the most resource hungry application on my PC is Firefox. I’m using the latest Firefox 2.0, released on October 23rd. At times it can eat up to 150 MB of RAM. But hey, it’s the best browser atm. Anyways, back to performance tweaks.

Here are the 7 performance tweaks for anyone with Windows XP.
There are many other websites out there that may give a million tips and tricks but these 7 tweaks are the only ones that will give your XP a significant boost.

  1. Graphical User Interface and Themes
  2. Enable Cear Type
  3. Disable Last Access Timestamp
  4. Kernel Paging and Cache Tuning
  5. Separate Windows Processes
  6. Processor Scheduling
  7. Turn Off the Indexing Service

I shall let the author of Kadaitcha do the talking. Here is his website.

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